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The Official Publication of the History of the U-Bootwaffe!

SHARKHUNTERS information is honest submarine history with major emphasis on German U-Boats and no propaganda. Our monthly KTB Magazine is named after the log book carried by each U-Boat during WW II, the Kriegs Tage Buch, and is kept as a reference in many archives. The history of at least one U-Boat is in each issue of the KTB, with the date that the U-Boat was launched, what type she was, her Skipper’s patrol areas, victims – and final fate of each U-Boat with latitude and longitude position.

Who are Sharkhunter Members?

A multitude of U-Boat Skipper’s, officers and crew are in the Membership of SHARKHUNTERS and contribute to the KTB with their personal memories of the Kriegsmarine and service in the U-Boats during WWII. First person accounts by the men who actually waged the U-Boat War from both sides of the periscope…men whose names are etched in submarine history. During our Annual Conventions and Tours … YOU can meet these veterans face to face!

President RONALD REAGAN (1858-1991) was a Sharkhunters Member from 1991 until his death in 2004. “Regards and admiration to organizations like SHARKHUNTERS who preserve American history.” -Ronald Reagan

– SHARKHUNTERS is the world’s only organization that:

– Publishes a historically accurate magazine on this history

– Is approved by the U-Boat Veterans

– Is supported by the U-Boat Veterans

– Is assisted in history by the U-Boat Veterans

– And the ONLY one!

– SHARKHUNTERS is the most complete and comprehensive source for history of the submarine in general and the German U-Boat in specific.

In addition to U-Boats, the KTB Magazine profiles submarines and WWII veterans of the US Navy, USSR, Royal Navy, IJN, and other military services of nations that used the submarine as a major part of their naval fleets.


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Testimonials from Veterans & Members

The KTB of our President and my friend Harry Cooper has a high standard – from the very beginning now with more than 160 issues, the quality surfaces in historic views, fairness and chivalry. Who today remembers in Germany the dead former U-Bootfahrer or other brave soldiers? Harry does! – Harry, we say to you what Prussian King Friederich the Great said in Latin – Semper Talis! Always forward!

Hans-Georg HessServed ten years on the Sharkhunters Board

Regards and admiration to organizations like SHARKHUNTERS who preserve American history.

President Ronald ReaganMember from 1991 until his death

Many thanks for my Membership. Be sure that my best wishes for your health and happiness are on their way across the Atlantic with the velocity of light.

Flotillen Admiral, Otto KretschmerWinner of the Knights Cross, Oak Leaf & Crossed Swords

I find SHARKHUNTERS interesting. Let’s get submarining back to what it truly is – teamwork, persistence and determination. Keep up the good work, and God bless you.

Rear Admiral, Gene FluckeySkipper of USS BARB and with the Medal of Honor, 4 Navy Crosses and other decorations

I appreciate very much to be part of this fine group which pays such a unique tribute to the gallant, brave encounters of submariners of both sides so unpretentiously. The KTB Magazine makes it a principal to be fair, impartial and objective. And even more – does not refrain to touch taboos. Bravo!

Captain 'Hai' MaßmannSkipper of U-137 & U-409, Member since 1995

Only this Archive and Sharkhunters tell the true history of the U-Bootwaffe. The others are all nonsense-makers.

Horst BredowFounder and Chief of the U-Boot-Archive in Germany & member since 1983
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