Our deepest thanks to JACK GOODIER (127-1985) for helping to make these Argentine expeditions possible.


SHARKHUNTERS International

2009 Argentine Expedition

We announced that we could take only ten on this historic expedition and ten Sharkhunters Members and ten guests signed on but unfortunately two had injuries and had to cancel at the last minute.  Those on the expedition were:
     HARRY  COOPER   (1-LIFE-1983)
     BURGESS  JAMIESON  (896-2003)
     Dr. RIGOLF  HENNIG  (6919-2004) Oberst (a.D.)
     MARK  KRATZ  (7271-2007)
     NAHUEL  COCA  (7304-2008)
     Dr.  CHARLES  ELLIS  (7324-2008)
     Dr.  RALPH  FRÖHNER  (7392-2008)
     HALEY  HAYES  (7403-2008)
     Chelsea Ellis
     Mark Hayes

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           Thanks to White's Electronics for the donation of a great XMT-300 metal detector.

Dr. RALPH FRÖHNER had this to say about his participation in this expedition:
"I had a fantastic time!  Most vivid memory of the trip was the boat tours on the lake."

When asked what we must keep in this expedition for future years, he listed:
          1.  HARRY's horse rodeo entertainment show;
EDITOR NOTE - HARRY says he will do all possible NOT to provide such a show again!!!
          2.  Dinner in the mountains;
          3.  The Swiss Chalet dinner and the Schiffklavier music event;
          4.  The boat tours.

For his overall impression of this expedition, RALPH wrote:
"The Cafe Tortoni Tango show and the flea market in San Telmo in Buenos Aires; the boat tours on the lake; the horse riding to the condor's nesting area for dinner; the tour to Villa Los Angustura.  The Swiss Chalet dinner and the Schiffklavier Music evening was very nice."

He finished by stating that; "HARRY and NAHUEL did a great job to make the trip a great time for all."

Our "Patagonian Pathfinder" NAHUEL COCA had this comment:
"I had a wonderful time - not for the landscape, but for the people in the tour: intelligent, critical, life loving men and women."

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