SHARKHUNTERS International
Expedition to Trinidade Island, Brazil

October 2009, Sharkhunters founder and President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) traveled to Brazil and with the help and cooperation of the Navy of Brazil, traveled to this mysterious island reported to have been occupied by the Third Reich as early as a year before the outbreak of World War II - and for as long as two years AFTER the war ended to assist thousands who were fleeing the collapsed Reich to new homes, new occupations, new identities and in many cases - new faces.  We have already seen overwhelming evidence of that during our expeditions to remote regions of Argentina.  The Third Reich did indeed, make a new beginning in Argentina -- but what about this island?  Come with us.

First however, let us begin our expedition in the fascinating city of Rio di Janeiro.

click on this picture of Christ the Redeemer to head for Rio

Or click on the photo of this very tall Carioca to visit the Navy Club  

We board ship with the Navy of Brazil for our voyage to the island!

       click on the photo of this mysterious island



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