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SHARKHUNTERS International
Southern Patrol - 2013!

Join us in spirit for one of the best "Patrols" ever.  You may either..........
  Our invitation to participate in this great Ulrichsberg Memorial

Click on this photo above to begin the "Patrol" and follow along day by outstanding day or........

Click on any of the photos below to visit a specific day in this "Patrol".


Our beginnings...........

München und Nürnberg

Click on this micro-brewery to be with us.


Our first full day

We are in Nürnberg and with Willie Brandt

Click on this photo of CHARLIE, Willie
and HANS to continue


Next day in Nürnberg - and what is that
we see hiding behind the torn paper of
the Elvis impersonator on a plain and
unnoticed little structure on a sidewalk?

Eingang Verboten!

As we know, this means "Sharkhunters Welcome!"  Click
on this photo at the left and see what is hidden here.


Where Eagles Dare!

We roll south through Bavaria into Austria.
The Alps are magnificent!

Click the photo of the castle and join us.


Our next day saw us with the veterans at the Marinekameradschaft "Admiral Sterneck" in their HQ.  What a wonderful time!  We were treated like royalty.
No - better yet, we were treated like family!  Was a wonderful time.

Click the photo to the left and join us.


Ulrichsberg Memorial where all who fell in battle or were missing in action, no matter what uniform they wore, are remembered here for their service and sacrifice.

Click on the photo at the right and join us.


This big guy who stood seven feet four inches,
is waiting for us at the Castle of 16 Gates.

Click on the photo to "meet" him - and meet
the dragon that could only eat virgins.


Sharkhunters return to Bavaria; to the beautiful
town of Berchtesgaden and a new home.

Click on the horn player to join us.


The Eagle's Nest and the Berghof - join us in history.

Click on this photo of the escape door from Adolf Hitler's personal bunker and travel back in the tunnels of time.

Either way - it will be a great voyage in the tunnels of time and great history.

RICH delFAVRO (1495-LIFE-1990) was with again......for his fifth "Patrol" and he emailed this:
"I'm wishing I was still on patrol.  The highlight was the Ulrichsberg weekend - not only the new location but also the brunch in Navy League Club.  This made it new all over again.  Again, the dinners with the veterans at the Rosenheim are always fun.  I recognized many of the veterans but there were new faces as well.  Although I've been 'on board' for five times now, I still saw so much for the first time.  Our group was fun and I enjoyed getting to know everybody."
RICH makes a great point here.  All too often a Member will tell us that they would like to come on the Southern Patrol again but they have been one time and believe that they have seen it all.  Not true!  The "Patrol" changes every year - we do see some things again, but there are always new things, new places and new people.  It is never the same so if you have been with us before, come again.  It is new and different and exciting every time.

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