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SHARKHUNTERS International
2016 "Southern Patrol"

Our 2016 "Southern Patrol" was a success, as always.  We met with old friends and new friends alike, and all the while learning true and honest history.  Join us in our photos as we walk in the footsteps of history.

THANKS!  We were greatly helped in many ways on this 'Patrol' by:
     *  JEANNIE deGENARRO, Member #8039;
     *  TOM.........that's all we can say about him;
     *  Oberstleutnant MICHAEL KAISER, Member #6166;
     *  JEFF CARSON, the Tunnel King - Member #7228;
     *  S.E.I.G. Agent PETER PARKER.

Now let's begin our 2016 "Southern Patrol".  There are a great many photos so we have divided this 'Patrol' by area.



It means 'the place of the monks' and München (Munich in English) has a fascinating history from the beginnings of the monks settling here more than a thousand years ago through Ludwig II and his building of palaces around Bavaria and his rather untimely death up to the early 20th Century when the NSDAP was forming and they attempted to overthrow the Bavarian Government.

Click on this photo to join us and see why KRISTIE HERNANDEZ, Member #7799 had this to say about her time on this 'Patrol':
"Thank you!  I had the best time ever!  I will never forget you, this trip or my new friends!  I felt so alone after we went our separate ways (end of the tour).  I am so happy that you took us on such a great tour!"

Click on the photo to see why we had such a great time.



This is a city 200 years older than München and is filled with history from centuries past up to the defining moment of the 20th Century. 

We go places of history not available to anyone else and we also go to fascinating places as you will see here.

Click on this photo and join us in Nürnberg and see why US Marine Corps combat veteran BILL NAPIER, Member #2290-C/LIFE said:
".....a true sense of the history of this great country."

This was BILL's 6th 'Patrol' with us.

Click on the photo to see why we had such a great time and remember - we told you that Tom Cruise did not live here.........



Nobody does festivals like Germany!  The food is awesome, the beer flows endlessly from some of the world's finest breweries, the music is fun and powerful.........and the people are fantastic.

USAF veteran KARL YOCHER, Member #7542 said it so well:
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the patrol.  The sights, the sounds were all great.  Traveling in great company was a breath of fresh air and it was nice being with folks who were like minded and appreciated the history behind the places we visited.  I guess I'll have to book a place on a Northern Patrol!!"

Click on this photo and join us.


Bunkers!  Tunnels!
      Pure History!

It appears that HARRY COOPER, Member #1-LIFE is knocking with the expectation that someone will answer and let him in.

Our Member "TOM" has been with us for three 'Patrols' so far, and this is what he emailed to us when he got back home:
"Thanks for everything, Harry.  You're the only one in the world who can do what you do!"

Click on the photo of HARRY and the door to join us in the deep, dark 'Tunnels of Time' on this tour.



This day we live the history in this ancient city, go high into the sky to visit the castle and have lunch in a tavern that first opened in the year 1300!

JEANNIE deGENNARO, Member #8039 emailed this:
"It was truly an amazing trip and I had such a fabulous time.  I feel this trip really enhanced my life in such a positive way."

Click on this photo of the castle and join us.



It means "King's Lake" and it proves that it really IS good to be the king!  We spend several hours cruising on this beautiful lake then a handful of us venture into ruins of a time gone by.

US Marine Corps combat veteran BILL NAPIER, Member #2290-C/LIFE had this to say:
"We shared in the rich history and truly scenic views of the cities and countryside of Germany."

Click on this photo and see what BILL means.



What can be in this building?  Roller rink?  Gigantic donuts?  Flying saucers?  We will not tip you will have to see for yourself.

More input from USAF vet KARL YOCHER, Member #7542:
"If any Members have not gone on this tour, they don't know what they are missing.  The experiences were priceless, the food was great and the company was great.  This was an excellent way to see Germany and with the added 'exclusive' features of the tour, you can't go wrong."

Click on the photo and see what this really is.


Concentration Camp Ebensee

We visit this concentration/forced labor camp that was begun in September of 1943 as the Allied bombing campaign was devastating everything above ground.  This was the main gate to the facility.

There is a VERY rare photo of the 3rd most powerful man in the 3rd Reich.  Can you guess who?

Click on the photo and join us in a camp not well known.

We will be uploading photos daily so please check back to see them all.

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