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Outside Germany, SHARKHUNTERS is the world's largest research archive on the history of the German U-boats; is the world's only multi-national U-boat historical group publishing the world's only magazine dedicated to this history.  Data in our files comes primarily and directly from U-boat Skippers & veterans, some whom have begun their "Eternal Patrol" like Otto Kretschmer (U-99), Karl-Friederich Merten (U-68), Wilhelm Schulz (U-124), Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock (U-96, the boat of the 'Smiling Sawfish'), Horst Degen (U-701), Gerd Thäter (U-466),and too many others to name.

Other Skippers, still living, also help tremendously with their memories.  Skippers like Erich Topp (U-57, U-552 and U-2513), Otto von Bülow (U-402), Hans-Georg Hess (U-995), Reinhard Hardegen (U-123),  Helmut Schmoeckel (U-802), 'Hai' Massmann (U-409), Jürgen Oesten (U-61, U-106 and U-861), Günther Heinrich (U-960), Horst von Schroeter (U-123), Otto Westphalen (U-968) and a host of other Skippers, officers and crewmen of the U-Bootwaffe all help greatly with their personal memories of this time in history.

These veterans are not affiliated with any other history group or
   lend their support to any others outside of Germany.

Monthly Magazine
The data in our monthly KTB Magazine is accurate because it comes right from the men who wrote this history.  When questions arise that we cannot immediately answer from our extensive file base, we can quickly contact someone who served on a particular U-boat, a friend of theirs or a relative who can supply the answer to whatever historical question comes up.

Comments from one long-term Member, David Mobley:

"Every time I visit the Sharkhunters website,
     I am amazed at the amount of information and
     what the club has to offer us U-Boat fanatics."

Meet the Veterans
Our Members actually MEET these men of history face to face on a one-to-one basis and later on, we offer the option that we will forward your letters to any SHARKHUNTERS Members;  to any living Kriegsmarine officer;  or to any living winner of the Knights Cross in any branch of the Wehrmacht.


Here are just a few of the vets who meet with us and give us their memories of the war years.  From the left:
Captain Ken Beyer, USN.  As a young Ensign, he rode the "Q-Ships", the U-Boat traps;
Korvettenkapitän Reinhard Hardegen, Skipper of U-147 & U-123.  He opened Operation 
, and he was awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaf;
Harry Cooper, founder and President of SHARKHUNTERS;
Oberleutnant z.S. d.R. Hans-Georg Hess, Skipper of U-995 & at just barely 21 years of 
          age, the youngest combat submarine Skipper of WW II and possibly of all time.
          He earned the Knights Cross;
Fregattenkapitän Gerd Thäter, Skipper of U-466.  He was one of a handful of Skippers to
          make the trip through the 'Gates of Hell' (Gibraltar) TWICE!  He earned the 
       Deutsches Kreuz in Gold
He has recently begun his "Eternal Patrol".
Oberleutnant z.S. Hermann Hoffmann, Skipper of U-172.  He shot the famous photo of 
          Table Mountain in Capteown, South Africa, through the periscope of U-172.

All these veterans and so many more, give their input to make our KTB Magazine;
    THE world's only official word on U-Boat history.

Pennies per Day
The cost of Membership figures out to less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week, and the benefits are tremendous.  SHARKHUNTERS Members go places no one else can go.  They meet people that no one else can meet.  And the monthly KTB Magazine is a tremendous resource of first-person history of the War at Sea in WW II from the actual memories of the men who were there.  Join today - you'll be glad you did.

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We want to make it easy for everyone to become a Member and enjoy all the benefits Sharkhunters has to offer.  Further along on this page you will find special incentives to come aboard as a new Member now.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by.....and now, click on the above link for details how you may have a FREE photo.

Here is some history about SHARKHUNTERS and comments from Members around the world.  Today there are in excess of 7,000 Members in 71 countries.  We hope you add to our numbers.

SHARKHUNTERS began in 1983, dedicated to finding and preserving the history of the submarine services of all nations and the German U-Bootwaffe in particular.  SHARKHUNTERS is now the WORLD'S LEADING AUTHORITY (outside Germany) on the U-Bootwaffe

privileges include exchange of information via our monthly KTB Magazine, great Annual Conventions in the USA and Germany, historic field trips to many interesting countries, dive trips, and other events - open only to Members and their guests.  Click here for information.

Our KTB Magazine is the historically accurate view of the operations of submarines as well as their history from World War II.  On these pages, the Facts are brought to life - not from the usual text books but from First Person accounts by the men who actually waged the War At Sea - from both sides of the whose names are etched in history.

We have the location of just about EVERY lost U-Boat, which is published in our monthly KTB Magazine.
      Click here for a sample

'Spook' Stuff!
You'll want to read our INTELLIGENCE PAGE that tells some of the story behind the battles, the losses and the victories.  We have uncovered many formerly unknown and startling facts about World War II.

There is a section devoted to the history of the US Navy submarines as well as those of the Royal Navy, Italian Navy and the I.J.N.

SHARKHUNTERS is more than just a magazine, it is a total information source.  Members questions are answered by e-mail, fax, phone, or by mail.

Total Information about each U-Boat
Our monthly KTB Magazine contains profiles of U-Boats, telling what type boat she was, what yard built her, when she was launched, who were her skippers, her war patrols, who were her victims and what was her final fate with LAT/LONG position.

You will also read profiles of the U-Boat veterans, US Navy sub vets, and veterans of other submarine navies, including the USSR.  During our Annual will meet these veterans face to face.  The KTB Magazine contains facts and figures, questions and answers; diagrams and specs; conning tower emblems as well as breaking news as it happens.

was the first to report the finding of U-49, U-548, U-979 and U-16 a few years ago as well as U-534 and U-869 (first known as "U-WHO") AND we found three TYPE XXI boats in their bunker in Hamburg - we walked on their decks and put it all on videotape, which is available to all our Members.

 RADM Fluckey     Reinhard      Hans-Georg        Leni              Herbert Werner     President
                     Hardegen        Hess           Riefenstahl                              George Bush
and a great many more are long-term Members.

Many important veterans, world leaders etc. are Members of SHARKHUNTERS.
Click here to see what they think of their long-term Membership.

'Spooks and Spies'
Many Members are former Intelligence operatives, and they spill many former secrets of the war, and even activities of today.

was one of two spies landed in the USA from U-1230; the only one of ten German spies placed in the USA by U-Boat still living, and South American he writes monthly articles on his work.

One of the most popular features of each monthly issue of the KTB Magazine is PETER'S PAGE, written by PETER HANSEN, a former ABWEHR Agent.  Peter pulls no punches, but gets right to the nitty-gritty of what made the War work for one side and not for the other.  He goes into new & never-before revealed historical secrets.  One of our Members has this to say about PETER'S PAGE:
"Let me tell you that, as an ex-Army intelligence Analyst (DIA) and ex-COMINT/SIT operator (ASA/NSA) I absolutely Love Peter's Page in the KTB.  The stuff he is letting go about ULTRA (as well as other aspects of WWII 'spookery') is great.  A lot of propaganda and disinformation is beginning to be peeled away these days regarding the Second World War and SHARKHUNTERS KTB is right in the vanguard of this movement."

During the war, DON ANGEL ALCAZAR de VELASCO was Chief of the Spanish spy ring working for the Hitler Government AND it was DON ANGEL who escorted Martin Bormann from Europe to Argentina a year after the end of the fighting!  He is a Member of SHARKHUNTERS and his entire story ran in our monthly KTB Magazine some time ago.  It is fascinating!

OBLT.HANS-GEORG HESS; winner of the KNIGHTS CROSS and just passed his 21st birthday when he assumed comman of U-995, the YOUNGEST combat submarine skipper of any nation in WWII.  He writes:
"The KTB OF OUR PRESIDENT AND MY FRIEND HARRY COOPER has a high standard-from the very beginning, now with more than 100 issues, the quality surfaces in historic views, fairness and chivalry.  Who today remembers in Germany the dead former U-Bootfahrer or other brave soldiers?  HARRY does it; for example in the recent death of Jürgen Wattenberg and before of Ali Cremer.
     The remembrances in 'the President's corner' are always grand and go straight to the heart; recently on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII, today about the stupid destruction, defamation of history just by the Germans (or we say better than the German politicians and history writers).  "Harry, we say to you what Prussian King Frederick the great said in Latin - SEMPER TALIS!  Always forward!  And many thanks."

The SHARKHUNTERS Advisory Board is made up of great Naval officers of all nations, of historians, of 'Spooks' from many Intelligence services.  They add a great deal to the success of SHARKHUNTERS and the accuracy of our history.  Click here to meet them.

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Please note - we have only 100 photos of each veteran and when they are gone, there will be no more.