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What do the Veterans think about SHARKHUNTERS?

Take a moment to read what just a few of them have to say about the pride they have in Sharkhunters.


Just 21 years of age, Knights Cross winner Oberleutnant zur See (d.R.) Hans-Georg Hess (Member since 1985) was the youngest combat submarine Skipper of any navy in WW II and possibly of all time:

"The KTB of our President and my friend Harry Cooper has a high standard - from the very beginning now with more than 160 issues, the quality surfaces in historic views, fairness and chivalry.  Who today remembers in Germany the dead former U-Bootfahrer or other brave soldiers?  Harry does it - for example, in the recent death of Jürgen Wattenberg and before of 'Ali' Cremer?  The remembrances in the 'President's Corner' are always grand and go straight to the heart - recently on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, today about the stupid destruction and defamation of history just by the Germans (or as we say better - the German politicians and history writers).
      Harry, we say to you what Prussian King Friederich the Great said in Latin - Semper Talis!  Always forward!"

Hans-Georg Hess served ten years on the Sharkhunters Board.

These veterans are not affiliated with any other history group and they do not lend their support to any others outside of Germany.

Horst Bredow is the founder and Chief of the U-Boot-Archiv in Germany, the greatest archive in the world on the history of the U-Boats.  Horst has been a Member since 1983, and he said:
"Only this Archive and Sharkhunters tell the true history of the U-Bootwaffe.  The others are all nonsense-makers."

President Ronald Reagan, Member from 1991 until his death, wrote:


"Regards and admiration to organizations like SHARKHUNTERS who preserve American history."

Winner of the Knights Cross, Oak Leaf & Crossed Swords Flotillen Admiral Otto Kretschmer was a Member from 1985 until his death in 1998, and he wrote:


"Many thanks for my Membership.  Be sure that my best wishes for your health and happiness are on their way across the Atlantic with the velocity of light."

Both Otto Kretschmer and Gene Fluckey served ten years on the Sharkhunters Board.

  Rear Admiral Gene Fluckey, Skipper of USS BARB and with the Medal of Honor, 4 Navy Crosses and many other decorations is the most highly decorated American submariner ever in history.  Member since 1992, he wrote:
"I find SHARKHUNTERS interesting.  Let's get submarining back to what it truly is - teamwork, persistence and determination.  Keep up the good work, and God bless you."


Helmut Rathke, Skipper of U-352 was a Member from 1985 and he wrote:                                  
"Many thanks for my Membership.  Reading the KTB I feel to be in the midst of you."

National Archives of the United States has been in Membership since 1983.  They write:
"Your publication must require a lot of work, but I am impressed with the amount of news and the number of features."


Captain 'Hai' Maßmann, Skipper of U-137 & U-409, Member since 1995 and he writes:
"I appreciate very much to be part of this fine group which pays such a unique tribute to the gallant, brave encounters of submariners of both sides so unpretentiously.  The KTB Magazine makes it a principal to be fair, impartial and objective.  And even more - does not refrain to touch taboos.  Bravo!"

Maßmann   Enright

 Captain Joe Enright, Skipper of USS ARCHER-FISH, winner of the Navy Cross, sank the 65,000 ton Japanese aircraft carrier SHINANO.  He was a Member from 1992 until his death.  He wrote:
"I have enjoyed reading my KTB Magazines each month and find several familiar names."

 Winner of the Knights Cross with Oak Leaf, Skipper of U-68, Karl-Friederich Merten was a Member from 1984 until his death, and he wrote:   "Regards and Admiration."

 Merten   Gimpel

Erich Gimpel was a German agent put ashore on the Maine coast in 1944, and has been a Member since 1988.                            
"Thanks to SHARKHUNTERS, I enjoyed eight marvelous days in Chicago.  I am sure everyone loved it."

Vice Admiral Komorav was Deputy Chief of the Soviet Navy, Member from 1991.  He wrote:
"The Soviet Navy greatly appreciates your efforts to expand friendly contact between military men from different countries."


Horst Haslau, radioman on U-1230 when they put two agents ashore in Maine in 1944 was a Member from 1987, and he wrote:
"I am amazed at how much authentic material about German submarines you have collected & catalogued.  The KTB Magazines arrive here like clockwork and keep me well informed about past, present & future.  SHARKHUNTERS is doing a terrific job ferreting out old stories and coming up with a great mix of topics.  Many thanks."

Rear Admiral Max Justo Guedes has been a Member since 1986, and he writes:
"In the name of the General Documentation Service of the Brazilian Navy and in my own name, we are pleased to inform you that we receive the KTB Magazine and we thank you for that.  I assure you that this will continue to enrich our knowledge about the submarine war in 1939-1945.  I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the excellent news service which demonstrated the high level of the KTB Magazine."

Josef Tilly was a U-Boat officer, and has been a Member since 1990.  He writes:
"It is an honor for me and my Kameradschaft that we are Members of SHARKHUNTERS.  My comrades and I are very happy - we remember the fine times we had in Austria."

Otto Dietz was crewmember of U-180 & U-505, and a SHARKHUNTERS Member from 1985 until his death.  He wrote:
"Thanks a lot for the extraordinary great KTB Magazine.  You know more about German submarine warfare than most Germans."


Okay, here is the special offer you have looked for.  If you join SHARKHUNTERS now, we will send you a photo of a veteran of the War at Sea.   No, we won't send you a cheap key chain or something like that - we will you send a HAND-SIGNED photo of a U-Boat Skipper, a crewman even a highly successful fighter pilot and your photo will be HAND-SIGNED by the veteran!  That is your free gift from SHARKHUNTERS, just for coming aboard as a new Member. 
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Merten   Rathke   Wattenberg

Captain Karl-Friedrich Merten:
  “I hope Sharkhunters will grow and expand further.”

Korvettenkapitan Helmut Rathke:
 “I’m very glad that you and the Sharkhunters exist.”

Captain Wattenberg:
 “I send you kind greetings for a good wind with full speed
              ahead for you and all your Sharkhunters.”


John "Jake" Fyfe was Commanding Officer of USS BATFISH, the boat that sank more submarines than any other submarine, and he was a Member from 1988 until his death:
    “Sharkhunters has really taken off.”

Peter Samolinski has been a Member since 1989 and he writes:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy & appreciate being a member of Sharkhunters – I think it is just great!  I’ve always had an interest in the Kriegsmarine in general and the U-waffe in particular, so this chance to get the real facts and to ‘converse’ with the actual people involved is fabulous.  I think anyone who is remotely interested in WWII navel history or submarines and is not a member is a fool.  For example I read the terrific book “Operation Drumbeat” this past summer and while it certainly stands on its own merits, being a member of Sharkhunters I feel as if I almost know Reinhard Hardegen (102-1985) – and that really made the book come alive for me.  If there is to be another meeting in Chicago like last year’s you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there!  Had there been anything less important than my brother’s wedding, I’d have been there this year!  Keep up the great work.”


Karl-Friedrich Nieke was Engineering Officer aboard U-595, was a Member since 1988:
"Thank you for your last letter with the description of your famous USS Silversides.  I feel that this planned Treffen will be a great event and I wish you a good completion of this remarkable reunion.”

Kurt Schoenthier rode the U-Boats and has been a Member since 1986, and he writes:
“Let me take the opportunity to thank you for your work & dedication about the history of the German U-Bootwaffe.  Especially for your emphasis of sticking to the truth and real facts.”

Professor Zel Eeaton is a retired Spook and he has been a Member since 1984 - he writes:

“I would like to say how much I’m impressed with what you have accomplished with Sharkhunters the last six years.  Sharkhunters is a monument to what one determined and intelligent man can do.” 

Otto Dietz rode U-505 and was a Member since 1986.  He wrote:

..........remembering the happy days down in Klagenfurt.”


Okay, here is the special offer you have looked for.  If you join SHARKHUNTERS now, we will send you a photo of a veteran of the War at Sea.   No, we won't send you a cheap key chain or something like that - we will you send a HAND-SIGNED photo of a U-Boat Skipper, a crewman even a highly successful fighter pilot and your photo will be HAND-SIGNED by the veteran!  That is your free gift from SHARKHUNTERS, just for coming aboard as a new Member. 
CLICK HERE to view the possibilities.

CLICK HERE to learn more about SHARKHUNTERS


Martin Newger came with Sharkhunters in 1990 and he writes:
“to tell the truth. I thought your magazine would be like other magazines in the stores.  After reading through it I was impressed with the amount of information and the unique items offered.  I learned a magazine doesn’t have to be fancy to be informative.  Keep up the good work.”

Frank Tagen has been a Member since 1987 and he writes:
     “I love the Sharkhunters magazine.”

Merchant Marine veteran Lou Mari has been a Member since 1988 and he writes:
“here’s some items which might assist you in your ‘Foo Fighters’ research.  I wish you luck in your searching out this issue.  It remains one o the most baffling of phenomena of World War II.  Anyway, I greatly enjoy KTB, particularly the Intelligence section.  Keep up the fine work.”

Schmidt   Werner

Hans Schmidt served with the LAH Division and he writes:
“I would be honored to become a member of the Sharkhunters, and it may interest you to know that, apart from my own GANPAC I do not belong to any other outfit or organization in the United States.”

Herbert Werner commanded U-Boats and wrote the fantastic book "Iron Coffins".  He writes:
“I greatly support what you are doing and will continue to do so.”

Brazilian Rear Admiral Max Justo Guedes has been a Member sinnce 1986 and he writes:
“The aim of the present is, in the first place, to thank you for the excellent “KTB” which undoubtedly contribute very much to enrich our library.”


Fredrick Chang, Member since 1988 writes:
“I have read them all and enjoyed them tremendously!!.....and I sincerely wish you will continue to tell the true history of the U-Bootwaffe!!”


Again we hear from Otto Kretschmer, the greatest submarine Skipper of WW II:
"Many thanks for the LIFE Membership certificate of which I am very proud.”

And again from Ronald Reagan, the greatest President in decades:
"Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your kind message which I have just received.  It was a pleasure to hear from you.  Nancy and I have returned to California with a renewed appreciation for friendship and support like yours.  Again, my thanks and God bless you.”

Dusty Caughran, Member since 1988 writes:
“As long as Sharkhunters is around, I’ll belong to it.”


Gregory Currie, Member since 1989 writes:
“I was always pleased with Sharkhunters.  It was very exciting waiting for the mail to come, to see if Sharkhunters arrived.”


William Dunn, Member since 1989 writes:
“I remain impressed with Sharkhunters and enjoy my membership entirely.  I hope the success of Sharkhunters will continue well into the future.”


Wife of Robert DeMars writes:
"One of these days I’m going to surprise him to a Sharkhunters convention.  He really enjoys the newsletter and I find myself browsing through the articles.”


Steven Powell, Member since 1990 writes:
“I have been quite pleased with every issue of the KTB and have learned much about the U-Boat.  I too have studied the German submarine force and being the son of a career submarine officer (to include command of a Trident submarine) have had much exposure to undersea warfare.  I read Captain Werner’s Iron Coffins when I was just a kid and have been an admirer of the WWII submariner ever since.  I congratulate you on a fine organization.”


Dave Bernardini, Member since 1990:
“I look forward to seeing you in Chicago, and thanks again for taking the time to answer all my questions.  You run a personable and top notch organization, I’m proud to be a member.”


Herbert Weiss, Member since 1987:
“Sharkhunters is doing a good job.  If there were more people like Sharkhunters, perhaps there would be no more wars.”


Researcher Dr. Franz Selinger, Member since 1988:
"Proceed with KTB as lucky as in the past, every issue is interesting.”

Frank Wilkins (542-1988):
“....couldn’t live without the KTB.”


Bob Kosko came aboard in 1988 and he writes:
“I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed KTB #79 and the full color front and back – Very impressive.  Everyone I showed it to agreed that Sharkhunters is a top notch international association.”


Anthony Galaz has been a Member since 1989, is a LIFE Member, and he writes:
"Keep up the good work – I look forward each month for the publication.”


Royal Navy Captain Victor Hawkins was a Member from 1990 until his death:
"Thanks a lot for the excellent job.  We are proud to be members.”


Bob Krick joined in 1991:
“I have worn my Sharkhunters T-shirt with pride, and always welcomed questions from curious people.”


Italian Admiral Mario Baroglio commanded an Italian combat submarine during the War and was a Sharkhunters Member from 1989 until his death:
"I wish a great success to the Fifth Annual Convention of Sharkhunters.”

Thomas Soares joined in 1990:
“Sharkhunters KTB is such an excellent source of detailed history that I find it hard to pass up."


Richard Grossman has been a Member since 1990:
“I read ever KTB as soon as it arrives.  The articles are great and the news and history the recreate is fascinating.”

Professor Renee von Worde, PhD has been a Member since 1988:
“I am still enjoying the KTB very much and look forward to seeing it each month.  You are doing a fabulous job of setting the record straight and educating a lot of people.”


Daryl Turner has been a Member since 1990:
“I envision KTB to be on par with LIFE magazine! Just imagine!”


Cliff Webb joined in 1990:
“I must add that my father is now an avid reader if Sharkhunters, his name is Ron.  Maybe he carved his name on the mess room table Itasca (Gorleston) before he left Virginia.”


Schmoeckel   Schoenther

Captain Helmut Schmoeckel commanded U-802 and has been a Member since 1990):
“I would like to express my deepest thanks for sending me each month your very interesting KTB, which contains each time so many interesting information on details of submarine warfare.  I always read it with great fascination.”

Kurt Schoenthier rode the U-Boats and he has been a Member since 1986:
“...........waiting for the next KTB.”

Tom Campbell joined in 1990 and he wrote:
“.....reading the Intelligence Page is just a Gasser Harry.  High Flying Excitement makes me feel like I’m a member of a secret society.  Thanks a trillion.  I’m proud to be a member.


Stephen Winchell joined in 1990:
“Once again I would like to say just how happy I am with your organization.”


Michael Sullivan joined in 1990:
“I really enjoy the KTB, keep up the good work; also good to know there are other people in this country who are wise to these jerks that try to prey on the few decent people left.  I admire your having the guts to expose the fakes and deceivers that try to take credit for what a lot of very brave men endured during the war in WWII.  I have no use for them.”


Frank Dietz joined in 1990:
“....really glad that I joined Sharkhunters.”


Micheline Lueken:
“I usually read Sharkhunters KTB before Mike does.”
          (MIKE has been a Member since 1986!)


Marc Cohen joined in 1986 and served on our Board:
“Thanks for the great jacket!  I can’t wait to show it off at the Max-91 Show!


World renowned author Clay Blair was a Member from 1988 until his death:
 “I’d like nothing better than to join you in Chicago.”


John William Hoover has been a Member since 1988:
 “I enjoy the magazine each month.  It seems like it gets more fascinating at each edition.  Keep up this great historical project.”


Nelson Crockett joined in 1989:
"Keep up the good work and keep telling the truth.  Maybe one day we can overcome the myth and propaganda of WWII.”


Richard Grossman joined in 1990:
KTB #80 was great, as usual.  Thanks again for a wonderful Sharkhunters group.”


Kevin MacLean joined in 1990:
“I can say no one even touches you in information.  I feel I should renew so that Sharkhunters continues to help U-boat enthusiasts with quick and accurate data available nowhere else.”


Paul Zinskie has been a Member since 1989:
"Once again I must emphasize what a bargain the European Convention was.  I never realized the cost and complications until I started putting my own Germany trip together.”


Mark Dixon has been a Member since 1990:
“Harry, I enjoy this magazine so much it won’t take but one night for me to read both issues.  Thank you for your help and your great magazine.


Gerald Reinhard joined in 1990:
“I would like to take a moment to say that you produce an excellent magazine.  The articles are fair and open, covering both sides of the conflict.”


Robert Taubman has been a Member since 1990 and he writes:
“I met a fellow Sharkhunters member,
Jules Sulsona (1481-C-1990) and his son Paul at our 82nd Airborne party.  Nice people.”


When Dr. David Nahrstedt joined in 1990, he wrote:
"Thank you for the magazine.  So far, I’ve enjoyed it, being second generation German and a student of U-boats for about 25 years.  I enjoy most the comments by
Otto Kretschmer (122-LIFE-1985) and other U-Boot Cos.  What is written is long overdue.  Secondly, it is important to distinguish between the strong sense of nationalism felt by those in the U-boat arm, with the more radical ideas set forth by Hitler and Goring.  Donitz could not have cared less about those ideas because they were not consistent with winning the war.  You are right in your ad for the book on the Nuremberg trials - - they were a sham.  How can anyone conceivably try and convict an officer for doing his duty, and doing it well?  I cannot think of a better role model for today’s youth than Karl Dönitz.  I have fond memories of his interviews after his return from prison.”


Member since 1990, Dr. Erwin Schatz was First Watch Officer aboard a U-Boat, and he writes:
"Thank you for sending the KTB.  I find it very interesting.”


James Seale joined in 1990:
“I don’t want to miss any of the KTB’s.  Keep up the good work.”


Evertt Schrader joined in 1990:
“I enjoy reading Sharkhunters very much; I read every copy from stem to stern.”


Jonathan Findley, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired) is a LIFE Member since 1991:
"Thanks for a great magazine.”


John Hrabovsky was a Member from 1990 until his death, and he wrote:
“I enjoy your KTB.  Keep up the good work.”

Member since 1991Robert von Maier writes:
"Keep up the good work with Sharkhunters.”

Member since 1986 and a LIFE Member, Eddie Phillips writes:
“I want to thank you for the wonderful time that Jean and I had at the Chicago Convention.  Everything that we attended was planned and scheduled to a “T”.  Keep up the good work.”

Captain Victor Hawkins and his wife were both Members from 1990 until their deaths:
"Both Pattie and I wish to thank you and your wonderful wife for the excellent job you both did at Chicago and we cannot wait for the next one in Germany.”

LIFE Member Marc Cohen joined in 1986:
"Reading the KTB is so interesting, it almost makes me late for work.”

Member since 1988 Christian Reuleaux was an officer aboard a German cruiser during the war and he wrote to the USS SILVERSIDES Group with copy to us:
"This has been a great impression and I like to congratulate you for the success you had when keeping this technical and historical monument in good shape.  The young generation has to see all this – as there is no future if we have not learned about our history.  Among all this, there have been good and bad things – we have to know about all of them – come down to the complete truth.  This way we all do a good thing to prevent future problems – especially wars.”

Member since 1988, Ian McDermott writes:
“I must admit the KTB is getting better each issue.”

John Woolin was a Member from 1988 until his death:
"Just received the latest KTB and it seems so far up to its great standard.”

LIFE Member since 1988, John Kammerer rode the fast attack USS BARB and he writes:
“Diane and I had the best time at the convention in Chicago.  The members who attended were the centerpiece of the convention, we made lots of new friends an you coordinated schedule and choices of sites to visit were the icing on the cake.  Diane and I are making plans to prepare for the next convention in Europe.  Harry, you did a GREAT job, thanks for a wonderful time.  If you have an opening on the Advisory Board, I am yours.”
(John was our first ever Board Member and served ten years on our Board)

Member since 1989 David Maxwell wrote:
“I am appreciative for your having sent me a reminder of my lapsed membership in Sharkhunters.  I was particularly pleased to read the experiences of the Navy radioman on RANDOLPH as I served on her as a Jr. Medical Officer in July-August 1961 when she was involved in ASW patrol in the Western Atlantic.  I would like to express my appreciation for your effort in the organization and publication of Sharkhunters.”

Dr. Barbara Arndt joined in 1989:
"Congratulations on a great meeting in Chicago!”

Member since 1989 Pete Petersen rode U-518 for three war patrols totalling 333 sea days:
“I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed our meeting in Chicago.  If I had known it was going to be that good I would have arranged to stay a few more days.  I had a chance to meet incredible and interesting people and enjoyed their company and their conversations immensely.”

Jim Atwood joined in 1989:
“I want to commend you on a tremendous publication you put out.  That’s the most informative paper that anybody prints.”

LIFE Member Larry Hagenah joined in 1989 and he writes:
"Received my KTB the other day – I like the KTB delivered in the big envelope.  Its well worth it to receive such a fine publication as the KTB is.  When I get it, I stop all I am doing until I skip through it, and then I find time to settle down and read it from cover to cover.  Keep up the good work.”


Paul Stanaway joined in 1990 and he writes:
“I really enjoy your newsletter and articles.  Keep up the excellent work.”


When Rod Teague joined in 1990 he wrote:
“I am glad to be a new member of Sharkhunters, and do find it interesting.  Your monthly magazine contains a lot of information.  Keep up the good and necessary work.”


Oberleutnant Adolf Schmidt was commander of a German Flak barge in the English Channel during the war.  He was a Member from 1991 until his death, and he wrote:
“I would like to thank you very much for your last letter with the conformation of my membership of the Sharkhunters.  Again thanks for the kind reception with the Sharkhunters.”


Police officer Mike Haas is editor of the GAPA newsletter and has been a Member since 1991:
"Thanks again for arranging the Sharkhunters visit to our 4 June meeting.  Our members enjoyed the pleasure of your company no end.  Your organization has a truly unique and interesting membership and those Sharkhunters attending our meeting were most delightful.  Viel Glueck also in furthering the aims of your organization.  What you are doing is praise worth effort in recording the personal histories of your members from both sides of the periscope.  What can be more objective than that?”

Rear Admiral J. W. Partington was C.O. at Great Lakes NTC and he joined in 1991:
"Thank you for the KTB magazine.  I’m glad you enjoyed the trip to the Great Lakes as part of your Fifth Annual Convention.  It is a pleasure to have you visit, as we are extremely proud of our graduating recruits.”


Ernie Haygood joined in 1991:
“I received my first issue of the Sharkhunters KTB magazine and I am very, very happy with it.  Just one issue alone looks to be a wealth of information.  I’m looking forward to sitting down and reading it more thoroughly.”


Walter Marschlowitz joined in 1991:
“I recently joined Sharkhunters and am very interested and pleased with your KTB magazine.”


Werner Hoffman is the son of a U-Boat officer killed in WW II, joined in 1987 and he wrote:
"A former U-boat commander in Eckernförde says the KTB is excellent and the text and notes are very good too.”

Eric Zimmerman joined in 1988:
"As always I am looking forward to my next KTB.  Keep up the good work!”


Chuck Thompson has been a Member since 1988 and he writes:
“I really enjoyed KTB #83; especially the story and photos about U-701 being found.  Keep it up.”


W. E. Dorian joined in 1988:
"Thanks again for your efforts in putting out the Sharkhunters KTB!”

Pat Oakes joined in 1988:
“I am a proud re-subscriber to Sharkhunters KTB.”


Hans-Georg Hess was a Member from 1985 until his death in 2008.  He wrote:
"I thank you for your great attitude towards friends but also former enemies.”

Gerhard Richter was radioman aboard U-81 when they sank the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS ARK ROYAL then he commanded his own one-man U-Boat.  He was a Member from 1987 until his death.  He wrote:
"Returning from our vacation, we found KTB’s #82 and 83.  They are excellent as always.  Of course, I would not expect anything else.  Congratulations on your daughter.  I think your family is now complete.  Good planning – two U-boats, one with periscope and one without.”

Life Member Marc Cohen joined in 1986:
“Peter’s Page – pure genius as usual.  U-boats in our backyard is totally amazing information!  It is the stuff that bestselling novels are made of.”

US Coast Guard retiree Rich Wright was a Member from 1988 until his death.  He wrote:
“I want to tell you I had a really great time at the 2nd city convention – it was great.  Lining up some really interesting things to do, that Adventurers Club, the Police, the SILVERSIDES – all were really great, as were the museums.  Aside from a sense of the U-505 history (which took on a new meaning for me) as it was an ‘enemy’ deck on which I was walking, and where in my mind I could visualize this serpent of the sea coiled and waiting ready to strike.  Keep up the good work, and I’ll see you when the construction begins.”

Joe Devlin has been a Member since 1988:
“I think it is great that you are going to name a room after Bob Thew (333-+-1987).  I think he would feel honored.  It is too bad that he could not have ‘told all’ before he left on his eternal patrol.”


Royal Navy Captain Victor Hawkins was a Member from 1990 until his death and he wrote:
"We received our Sharkhunters jackets and all I can say is they are smashing!  Thanks very much, we are more than delighted with them, and we believe all members should have them.  Worth every penny.”


John Honer joined in 1989:
"The photos and information on U-701 are just incredible.”


LIFE Member Larry Hagenah has been a Member since 1989 and he writes:
“I can’t remember when I’ve had a more enjoyable and interesting time as when I was in Chicago for the convention with Sharkhunters.  It will live in my memory.  Just a swell, nice group of people with one thing in common – love & friendship of fellow man no matter what the past circumstances might have been.  Truly a fine group that will live on forever, of which I am proud to be a member.  Thanks for a well planned and organized convention.  I thoroughly enjoyed it an hope to be in attendance at a lot more.”


Margaret Cawood, Chair of Oral History at a major Texas University joined in 1990:
"Love the new KTB look.”


Len Bauer joined in 1990:
“I salute you for the fine work on the KTB and with the Sharkhunters organization.  I look forward to each month’s articles and news.”


Don Baker joined in 1990:
“I want to let you know how happy I am to be a member of Sharkhunters.  What a wonderful organization.  Nothing thrills me more than to sit down with a KTB and lose myself for a few hours.  It is indeed a most extraordinary group.  I’m very proud of my membership.”


Captain Jurgen Oesten has been a LIFE Member since 1990:
"The meeting in Chicago was a new experience for me.  One has to get used to this crazy bunch of submarine addicts but basically I have a good impression of them.”

and again from Otto Kretschmer, Life Member from 1985:
“I learned from submariners who were in Chicago with the Sharkhunters , the meeting was described as a great and magnificent time.  That I can imagine.”

Warren Horsfield has been a Member since 1991:
“I look forward to receiving my Sharkhunters T-shirt, which I will wear with appropriate membership pride.”


Gary Jayne joined in 1991:
KTB #83 arrived yesterday and as usual I read it word for word and cover to cover without stopping.”


Director of the Historical Society, Peter Stanford joined in 1991:
"We’ve been following the affairs of your remarkable organization here at the National Maritime Historical Society, and have heard glowing reports of your meeting in Chicago this summer from our good friend Hal McCormick.  Certainly in our contentious age, when lawsuits fill the courts and random violence infests the streets, it is something to see brave men who a few decades back were out to kill each other in earnest now united in comradeship.”

Kevin Lynn joined in 1991 abd he wrote:
“I am a new member of Sharkhunters and have found the KTB loaded with information and trivia to keep a military history buff like myself very interested.  Your magazine is a welcome tribute to the brave men of that era.”


Corvette Skipper George E. Q. Johnson joined in 1991:
“I must say, you run at flank speed.”


Captain Stephen Ingalls, Member since 1991:
“I truly enjoyed the first issue of the KTB I received last week.  The breadth of historical perspective available through our obviously expert members is intimidating. I made a good decision to join.”


Will Henricks -1991:
“I am very glad to have joined Sharkhunters as I am a true fanatic on the subject of U-boats.  My wife and I went through and read the entire KTB magazine.”


Retired U.S. Coast Guard Senior Chief Chris Wills joinned in 1991 and is a LIFE Member:
“I’m glad that I joined.  The KTB magazine is great, I’ve found lots of information in it that I haven’t been able to come up with anywhere else.  You’ll be hearing a lot from me.”


Major General Barabolya was the Chairman of the Soviet 'Peace to the Oceans' Committee and he was a Sharkhunters Member from 1991 until his death in 2008:
"We express our willingness to join your organization.”


Vice Admiral D. Komarov was Deputy Chief of the Soviet Navy and he hosted Sharkhunters founder Cooper during a fact-finding mission in Moscow and he joined Sharkhunters in 1991:
"The Soviet Navy Staff greatly appreciate your efforts to expand friendly contact between military men from different countries.”

Retired CIA spook Tom Rachels joined in 1991:
"It is amazing what is in the KTB magazine.”


Richard Fortune joined in 1991:
“I feel like providing a bit more support for Sharkhunters, so I would like to give as a gift, a membership to my brother-in-law.”


Charter Member Col. John Blashford-Snell joined in 1983:
“I read your splendid magazine with great interest.”

Waldemar Triebel was I.W.O. aboard U-978 and a Member since 1986:
"When Sharkhunters meet again in Germany in 1992 I hope to see you and a lot of other friends.”


Rowie Pericoco joined in 1991:
"The magazine looks great.  You sure have come a long way in a few years.  It’s good to be back, looking forward to the next KTB.”


U.S. Navy Doctor, Doc Warren Brown has been a Member since 1987 and he writes:
"Keep up the good work; keep ‘em diving.”


Paul Saurer has been a Member since 1987:
"As an early member, I have watched the KTB grow.  Although we don’t always agree on some of the content, you are to be congratulated for guiding the magazine to the present format.  Very interesting reading.”


Submarine veteran Rock Rockcastle joined in 1991:
“I will be looking forward to participating in this fine organization.”


Tony Phillips is a LIFE Member, joining in 1988:
“I have enjoyed reading the KTB and continue to be amazed at the wealth of material and information each one contains.  I got my Sharkhunters jacket and it’s great.”


Bruce Blevins has been a Member since 1988:
".....just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Baltimore Coffee get together.  I had a great time and met some very nice people.  I wish we could do this more often.  Thanks again.”

Ted Dodge joined in 1988 and he designed our logo:
“I’m always looking forward to my next issue of Sharkhunters.”


Joe Devlin rode the boats and he joined in 1987:
KTB is getting better and better.  Hope you expand the Intelligence Page.”
(We did - and there is Intel there even professional spooks don't have.)


Frank Weingart has been a Member since 1988:
“Sharkhunters is indeed a wealth of knowledge and experience.”


Robert George "Ranger Bob" joined in 1988:
"Thanks for continuing to provide the KTB which I thoroughly enjoy!  It’s a concentrated resource about one of my favorite subjects.”


U.S. Navy submarine veteran James Carrigan joined in 1988:
"The magazine looks better and better.  It’s a pleasure to sign up and reenlist for another year.”


Frau Professor Renée Von Wörde PhD has been a Member since 1988:
"It was great to see you and Marc in Baltimore.  It was nice there was such a big turnout.  I really enjoyed myself – too bad I broke a tooth on a crab cake!!  I won’t forget that evening soon.  In spite of that, it was worth it.  My Sharkhunters hat arrived and it looks quite sharp.”


Kirk O’Neill joined in 1991:
"The audio tapes of Erich Topp and Horst Degen came today.  Please send my regards and thanks to Mr. Topp & Mr. Degen for allowing me to share their memories with a new generation.”

Commander Patti Young was the first female XO of a U.S. Navy ship.  She joined in 1989:
“I love reading the KTB.  Now that I am no longer XO, I should have time to answer some of the questions raised by members by using my own library.”


Ray de Yarmin joined in 1989:
"You have molded an excellent group and a unique organization which continues to contribute significantly towards the preservation of submarine history.  And Sharkhunters is bringing a younger generation’s interest into focus on a vital period in our world’s history.”


Mark Pearson has been a Member since 1991:
“I am writing to inform you of my new address.  I really enjoy our KTB magazine and don’t want to miss a single issue.”


Soviet Major General Pyotr Barabolya was a Member from 1991 until his death:
"Heartily thank you for making me a member of such an important organization as Sharkhunters is.  I’ll try to take an active part in preparation of the Soviet materials to light them up in your magazine.”




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