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Militaria Auction of all kinds

Members and collectors alike have pressed us for some time to bring this auction page to life - here it is.  It is easy to participate.

Our last month's Auction has closed, but before we open our next Auction, take a moment to look over the specifics for participation in our Auction.  It is easy, fun - and you can find just the right item you have always wanted.

TO BID on an item, simply email your bid to with the item number and description of the item you are bidding on, and how much money you wish to bid.  When the time period for bidding closes, the winning bidder is notified.  Payment for the item plus shipping is made and the item is shipped to the successful bidder.

TO SELL an item on this site - there is NO listing fee for three successive Auctions; a commission of 15% of the selling price is due when the item closes with a successful bidder.  MINIMUM COMMISSION is $5

DISCLAIMER - NOTE.....Sharkhunters takes no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the descriptions and authenticity of the items offered in auction.  The seller takes full responsibility for what he/she describes.

The first effort at our Sharkhunters Military Auction (July 2010) was met with excellent success and we will now expand it.  We will list items for auction and the auction will run for seven days** at which time the successful bidders will be announced.  If you have an item for this auction, send us a complete description, photos and what is your reserve price.

REMEMBER - The buyer pays all shipping charges

Comments about items bought in our first Auction:
     The buyer of the two rare paintings he got for $1,350 said they were easily worth $5,000.
The buyer of the SA dagger said when he received it, that it was far more beautiful than the photos on the auction.
           He was so excited when he received his dagger that he called here to let us know how pleased he was.

Comments after the November 2011 Auction:
STEVE SHOCK (2213-A/LIFE-1992) was cutting back his collection and in this Auction, he moved a lot of items and got some badly needed shelf space in his home. Here is what he said after the November 2011 Auction closed:
"I had to send a quick note of thanks for the extra effort that Sharkhunters is going to by running the Auction.  With all of the ridiculous and ever-changing politically correct rules on Ebay and other sites regarding German historical artifacts and other items it is just fantastic to have a venue with exposure to so many people who appreciate the significance of these items where Members can buy and sell.  There are really some incredible things there!  And having Sharkhunters actually handle the transaction is just another bonus that no other auction site offers.  Well done!  I could not be happier with my Sharkhunters Auction experience."

CHESTER TYMINSKI (7171-2007) wrote in early December 2011.......we had fumbled the ball with one of his bids but got him his product and sent him a small refund to make up for our fumble.  His email:
"This is Chet Tyminsky 7171.  I did receive the items as you indicated I would and the check.  The receipt of the items and the check were more than I expected.  This is double the fun!  Glad it is not double jeopardy.  Yes, I am extremely happy.  Thank you very much for your responsiveness regarding CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I have a big smile on my face again.  Many thanks again.  I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Comments in general;
TOM PHILIPPS (7540-2010), for personal reasons, asked us to withdraw a bid he made during an auction, which we did.  His comments:
"This is the reason why I joined Sharkhunters - honesty, integrity and high standards."

NOTE - All bids in complete dollars.  Bids with cents at the end will be rounded UP to the next dollar.  For instance, a bid of $46.50 will be considered to be a bid of $47; a bid of $98.01 will be considered to be a bid of $99.

NOTE - The seller must pay a listing fee of $10 on any items remaining on the Auction after three sessions - for the first three months there is no listing fee.

We Have Grown!

We now have TWO distinct and separate sections in our Sharkhunters Auction.


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