SHARKHUNTERS International
Northern Germany 2012

Our Sharkhunters group went many places and enjoyed a lot during this last week in August.  Join us in spirit as you click through these memorable photographs and comments.


GETTING STARTED - No, this building is not going to tip over or sail off into outer space.  This is the way it was designed - we think........

CLICK on this photo and let's get started with our first day in town.


Okay, we are not even going to try to describe this mural, but it will take you to the next day of our 2012 Northern Germany Patrol.

CLICK on this photo and join us in Hamburg.


We are off to the FISCHMARKT (Fish Market) then aboard a Soviet TANGO Class submarine......and an interesting dinner.

CLICK on this photo and come aboard.


A hafenrundfahrt is a great way to see the city by water and for our participants to meet each other.

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We tour the only Type VII-C left in the world and it is U-995, the boat of our best friend in Germany, HANS-GEORG HESS (125-1985) and we tour with TWO U-Boat veterans.

            CLICK on his photo and come aboard with us.

     Sharkhunters $300 donation to the Memorial!


Once again we visit Wewelsburg Castle, but in the few years since we have been there, a lot has changed - a WHOLE lot!

CLICK on this photo and come with us.


U-2540, the last Type XXI submarine left in the world, waits for our Sharkhunters 'PATROL'.  This was the world's first true submarine, meant to operate entirely underwater.

CLICK on this photo and come aboard with us.

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