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II-A Deutsche Werft (Kiel) 15 June 1935
29 July 1935 M27893 16 April 1940
   * * See below SW of Stavanger 58º 18'N x 05º 47'E

                    All hands lost - 27 men
                       (see below for the names)

U-1 was commanded by Kapitänleutnant Klaus Ewarth (Class 1925) from 29 June 1935.  Ewarth also commanded U-35, U-36, U-26 and U-850 where he was killed in action.  The last Skipper of U-1 was Kapitänleutnant Jürgen Deecke.

Other Skippers of U-1 include:
   Korvettenkapitän Hans-Günther Loof who also commanded U-122 where he was KIA;
   Kapitänleutnant Alexandar Gelharr who also commanded U-45 where he was KIA.

We have no record of which U-Bootflottille U-1 was assigned to.

How U-1 was lost remains a mystery today.  According to one source, U-1 was sunk by the Royal Navy submarine HMS PORPOISE.  The official British History of Submarine Operations states that the attack by HMS PORPOISE was considered a failure.  After the war, further research determined that HMS PORPOISE did sink U-1, but then more recent research (in the 1980's) shows that HMS PORPOISE actually attacked U-3 and not U-1.  According to another source, U-1 was the victim of an un-named French submarine and yet another source attributes her loss to striking a mine.

U-1 successfully completed one Feindfahrt (War Patrol) in the North Sea.  She was on her second Feindfahrt, this during the Norway invasion, when she was lost with all hands.

During her short time in the war, U-1 made no attacks and sank no ships.

                        Men lost on U-1

Bauer Fritz Mtr Ob gfr Baumann Ernst Ob Mech Mt
Bayer Günther Masch Mt Berger Kurt Ob Funk Mt
Carmon Walter Ob Masch Chall Helmut Mtr Ob Gfr
Deecke Jürgen Kapitänleutnant Flier Wilhelm Ob Masch Mt
Franke Rolf Funk Gfr Goll Hans Masch Mt
Hollatz Wilhelm Masch Mt Keese Hans Oblt zS
Keitel Heinrich Masch Ob Gfr Köhler August Bootsmann Mt
Laeu Helmut Mtr Ob Gfr Lippold Heinz Mtr Ob Gfr
Meyer Alfred Oblt ING Otto Heinz St Ob Strm
Pallin Johannes Masch Ob Gfr Schollerer Ottmar Funk Hpt Gfr
Schultze Kurt Masch Gfr Schwarz Karl Mech Ob Gfr
Weber Paul Bootsmann Mt Wolter Paul Mtr Ob Gfr
Zunser Otto Matrosen Zunzer Otto Bernhard Masch Mt
Grovermann Heinrich Masch Mt      

Deepest thanks to our friends at the U-Bootskameradschaft Kiel for allowing us to bring their sacred book containing the names of all 28,863 U-Bootfahrer who were lost in action during World War II here to the USA where we carefully copied all the names of the fallen and list them here on our site.  Ours is the only website in the world that lists all these names.

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