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II-B Germania Werft (Kiel) 16 July 1935
5 August 1935 M06994 2 May 1945
Scuttled by her crew Wilhelmshaven Harbor  

                    No men lost

Commanders of U-8 include:

Grosse Harald Kplt     U-22, U-34 and U-53 KIA aboard U-53
Kentrat Eitel-Friederich Kplt     U-74 and U-196  
Michel   Kplt Dec 1939 May 1940    
Kell Walter Oblt zS 9 July 1940 18 Dec 1940    
Heinsöhn Heinrich Oblt zS 18 Dec 1940 29 April 1941 U-573 and U-438 KIA aboard U-438
Borcherdt Ulrich Kplt 29 April 1941 22 May 1941    
Steinhaus   Oblt zS 22 May 1941   U-802  
HEINRICH Kplt Training   U-96 and U-256  
Stiebler Wolf KK Training   U-17, U-21, U-61 and U-461 POW aboard U-461
Deckert Horst Kplt Training   U-73  
Werner Alfred Oblt zS Training   U-921 KIA aboard U-921
Kell Walter Kplt Training   U-204 KIA aboard U-204
Peters Georg KK Training   U-11, U-6 and U-38  
Iversen   Oblt zS Training   U-1103  
Hoffmann Rudolf Kplt Training   U-845  
Krieghammer Jürgen Oblt zS Training   U-150  

                 Kentrat                      LEHMANN-WILLENBROCK

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The first Skipper of U-8 was Kapitänleutnant Harald Grosse but the first combat commander was Kapitänleutnant Eitel-Friederich Kentrat and other Skippers as shown above.

U-8 was initially attached to the Schuflottille U-Abwehrschul but with the outbreak of World War II, she was transferred to the 1st U-Bootflottille which was then based in Kiel.  She made only one Feindfahrt (war patrol) in the North Atlantic and this patrol was cut short due to the severe wounding of Kplt. Kentrat.  U-8 hastily returned to port and in December 1940 she was attached to the 24th U-Bootflottille as a schulboot then transferred to the 22nd U-Bootflottile also as a schulboot.

At the end of the war, the crew scuttled U-8 under the unofficial Operation RAINBOW but sometime between 1947 and 1953, U-8 was raised and broken up for scrap.

During her life, U-8 made no attacks and sank no ships.

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