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U-9 pre-war U-9 at sea early in the war
II-B Germania Werft (Kiel) 30 July 1935
21 August 1935 M13068 20 August 1944
Soviet aircraft Costanzia Harbor Dockside

                    No men lost

Commanders of U-9 include:

Looff Hans-Günther KK     U-1, U-27 and U-122 KIA aboard U-122
Mathes Ludwig Kplt   19 Sep 1939 U-6 and U-44 KIA aboard U-44
Schulte Max Oblt zS 19 Sep 1939 28 Dec 1939 U-13 POW aboard U-13
Lüth  * Wolfgang Oblt zS 28 Dec 1939 30 May 1941 U-13, U-43, U-138 and U-181  
Deecke  ** Joachim Oblt zS 30 May 1941 28 Oct 1942 U-584 KIA aboard U-584
Schmidt-Weichart   Oblt zS 28 Oct 1942 15 Sep 1943 U-3501  
Klapdor Heinrich Oblt zS 15 Sep 1943   U-2538  
Dehrmann   Lt zS 31 Mar 1944 7 April 1944    
Petersen Kurt Kplt 7 April 1944      
Kaufmann Wolfgang Kplt     U-10 and U-79  


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*  Wolfgang Lüth was the second most successful combat submarine commander of World War II and he earned the Knights Cross with Oak Leaf, Crossed Swords and Diamonds.  He was the first U-Bootfahrer to earn this very high award.  More than a week after the end of the war, he was walking from the headquarters of Großadmiral Karl Dönitz in the naval academy at Flensburg/Mürwick late at night.  In the dark, the sentry challenged for the password.  Deep in thought, Lüth did not hear the sentry and so did not return the password.  Following the standing orders put in place by Lüth himself - the sentry fired, killing Wolfgang Lüth instantly.  A Board of Inquiry quickly cleared the sentry of any wrongdoing.  A rumor persisted that Lüth was so despondent at the crushing defeat of the Third Reich that he deliberately did not return the password, thereby wanting to be shot dead.  Korvettenkapitän REINHARD HARDEGEN (102-LIFE-1985) knew Lüth quite well and he told us that this was not true - Lüth did not want to die; he was just so deep in thought that he did not hear the sentry.  It was one of those terrible wartime accidents known as 'Friendly Fire'.

**  When Deecke was in command of U-584, he put four agents ashore in June 1942 at Ponte Vedre Beach, Florida (by Jacksonville) as the second half of Operation PASTORIUS, the plan to disrupt aluminum and aircraft production in the USA.

U-9 was initially attached to U-Bootflottille Weddigen then to the 1st U-Bootflottille based then in Kiel.  She had several mine laying operations in the North Sea - in particular off Cromarty Firth on 10 February 1940.  She operated off Norway in April 1940 during the Norway Invasion.  She operated off Holland in May 1940 then in October 1942, she was decommissioned, disassembled and taken by truck over the Autobahn then by barge down the Donau (Danube) river to Romania where she was rebuilt, recommissioned on 28 October 1942 and attached to the 30th U-Bootflottille operating in the Black Sea.

                  SHIPS SUNK BY U-9 (Lüth commanding)

18 Jan 1940 FLANDRIA Sweden Freighter 1,179 tons
18 Jan 1940 PATRIA Sweden Freighter 1,188 tons
11 Feb 1940 LINDA Estonia Freighter 1,213 tons
?? May 1940 SAN TIBURCO  * England Tanker 5,995 tons
9 May 1940 DORIS France Submarine    552 tons
11 May 1940 VIIU Estonia Freighter 1,908 tons
11 May 1940 TRINGA England Freighter 1,930 tons
23 May 1940 SIGURDS
         FAULBAUMS **
German Freighter 3,256 tons

*    SAN TIBURCO struck a mine in the field laid by U-9 over the night 9/10 February 1940.
**  SIGURDS FAULBAUMS was a German ship that had been captured by the British.
               She was en route to England as a Prize of War when she was sunk by Lüth.

                  SHIPS ATTACKED BY U-9 (Petersen commanding)

5 Apr 1944 unknown   + USSR fishing boat unknown
11 May 1944 ZASCITNIK   ++ USSR Torpedoboat unknown
17 May 1940 unknown    +++ USSR unknown unknown

+      Small fishing boat sunk by 20mm gunfire
++    Fired GNAT and observed large explosion after two minutes thirty-one seconds in a small convoy.  There
            was a heavy oil smell in the area the next day.  Post war records indicate that this was probably the
            Torpedoboat ZASCITNIK (T-411) but it is possible that it was a damaging hit of the Torpedoboat STORM.
+++   U-9 saw one torpedo hit and explode on the bow of the ship.  No confirmation.

On 25 May 1944, they fired at a large ship of 9,000 tons and heard an explosion after eleven and a half minutes.  There was no confirmation and this was probably an end-of-run detonation.

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