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is pleased and proud to present these wartime books for your enjoyment.

"Hitler in Argentina!"   
                (BRAND NEW January 2014)

We are all taught that the Red Army surrounded Berlin and that, faced with capture by the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun (Hitler) committed suicide in the Führerbunker.  Don't believe it - Josef Stalin knew better as did most of the world leaders of the time!  Stalin even made a great fuss about Hitler's escape in statements he made in July of 1945 - more than two months after the alleged suicide.

As you read through this book taken from the file of a Spanish spy who worked for the Reich and who saw Hitler and Eva Braun forcibly drugged and removed from the Führerbunker under orders of Martin Bormann, you will realize that Hitler's suicide was a well conceived escape plan by the man who desperately had to keep the Reich, and thereby Hitler, alive.....Martin Bormann.  This book also contains photos of places Hitler lived in Argentina, interviews with people there and in Europe - FBI and OSS files clearly stating that they and the United States Government knew that Hitler did not die in Berlin.

  Reviews of this book are at the bottom of this page.

As of early May of the TOP SELLING books from Amazon.

End of 2016 -


Author Harry Cooper has worked on this for two and a half decades with dozens of trips to German, Austria, the Soviet Union, Russia and since 2008 four expeditions to Argentina, to Chile and Brazil where he found the remains of the nuclear research facility in a remote part of Argentina that was built in 1947, two years AFTER the war ended; built by German scientists.

It is well known that two German submarines surrendered in Argentina well after the German surrender.  U-530 surrendered in late July 1945 and U-977 surrendered in early August but the surrender order came on May 8.  Why did they take three months to surrender?  And why at the other end of the world?

Photo right is U-977 in the port of Mar del Plata, the large Argentine Navy base where she and U-530 surrendered well after the end of the war.

But Sharkhunters has learned that other German U-Boats, tramp steamers, large sailing ships all made the journey to Argentina as late as middle 1947! That is more than two years AFTER the end of the war...........but they were indeed coming there.  Why?



The plateau looked like this during the author's expedition in 2009


But this is how it looked in 1939 - with the German radio station

These two photo above show the island of Trindade, an isolated rock in the central South Atlantic.  These ships, submarines etc. stopped at this island in the south Atlantic, an island that was not much more than a huge rock in the middle of nowhere - but it had tremendous quantities of fresh water as well as herds of goats and pigs for food.  With the approval and great assistance of the Brazilian Navy, Cooper was here in 2009.


The Reich had many hidden route & coves charted in South America
The author is in possession of many such secret German charts.


The author is in possession of dozens of such FBI and OSS (CIA) documents showing that the U.S. Government was aware that Hitler escaped.

This book contains the entire text of "Escape From the Bunker!" but we have added another 178 pages with a great many more photos, charts, personal interviews and more.

This is THE definitive book on the escape of Adolf Hitler and what happened later.

Only $25 (Special to Members; ONLY $20)    
                                    (plus $6 shipping in the US)

You may follow the research that took place by clicking below and what you see here is a mere tip of the iceberg of what is in the book.

  Click this photo to see who knew that Hitler escaped.

Click these photos below to visit various parts of the research that went into this book:

Abandoned Hotel in Bavaria, former Luftwaffe Headquarters   Watchtower built in the closing moments of the war - in Argentina   Bavaria - and the bunkers are still there!  This was the bunker of Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Göring in Bavaria   This remote island in the south Atlantic was critical to the escape of thousands

Ultra modern hotel for its time with air conditioning and elevators - in remote Argentina.  Oh yes - and with a plastic surgery clinic too


Click on the photo above to view the photographs from our 2014 expedition to Buenos Aires and Cordoba.


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What do readers think of "Hitler in Argentina"?

Every review that anyone sends to us will be posted here - good or bad, we will post and will hold nothing back.  After you have read "Hitler in Argentina" or any of our books, send us a review and we will post it.  Sharkhunters Members names are in upper case and BOLD with their Membership Number following.  The first number is their Membership Number; the second is the year they joined Sharkhunters.

Radio talk show host JEFF RENSE emailed after the 22 April 2014 show:
"Bravo!  No one can top that appearance."

World renowned historian Jim Marrs was on the 22 April 2014 Rense Radio Show with Cooper and he emailed:
"I was honored to be on the Jeff Rense Show with you and I give you double kudos for both the program and for the excellent material in your book."

Jim Marrs sent us a copy of his book "The Rise of the Fourth Reich" and in the inscription he wrote:
"Dear Harry; Best regards to a fabulous researcher."

Click on the photo (right) to hear the entire RENSE RADIO broadcast with Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) and historian Jim Marrs.

The topic naturally, was the book "Hitler in Argentina" and according to what people are sending here in their emails, it was a highly educational and well received show.

The photo is the older son of Col. Adolf Eichmann after his father was kidnapped.


from ERNST PRÜGL (7683-2013):
"I congratulate you for all your international research for the real truth you have published.  Negative ccritics we have in Europe about everything that does not suit certain so called 'Historiker' that were not even born at the time of certain events and do not understand other languages.  Just ignorant people."

MARK ERICKSON (5233-LIFE-1999) emails:
"I read the idiot reviews when I need a good laugh.  Congrats!"

Colonel (Intelligence) HARRY HALL, Ret. (1547-1990) emailed:
"I can't put this book down - it is great,  In fact, I have to order a couple more for friends."

TV and movie star MONTE MARKHAM (3526-1994) emailed:
"Thank you for the book.  WELL DONE!  I'm surprised as hell you got it all together and obviously doing well with it!"

from CHARLES HARDIN (7639-2012):
"Give 'em hell!  Anyone who actually reads your book cannot deny the validity of the information sources - being straight from the FBI files.  Your book is loaded with new information.  These reference documents are the most valuable information in your book because they are unquestionably first-hand accounts from reliable sources."

Mike Zoccoli emailed:
"This book is UN REAL.  I have not put it down yet.  Great work.  Thanks."

from KEN LEE (7712-2013):
"I have to say I enjoyed your book 'Hitler in Argentina' very much.  Those distracters are people I would put in the same boat with the brainless idiots who elected that moron in the White House and believe Oswald killed Kennedy. Great job of research, my friend."

from Pam Collins:
"Mr. Cooper, I listened to your recent interview by George Knapp.  I scoffed and rolled my eyes when I heard what the show would be about but listened anyhow as I enjoy Knapp's strong interviewing skills and his obvious pertinent research.  Surprisingly, I was 99% convinced."

from BRYANT ALEXANDER (7633-2012) we read:
"Excellent account of Hitler's Escape!!!!  This is one of the most fascinating books I've ever read.  I enjoy the author's easy reading and simple style of writing.  The author has researched this topic for thirty years and has known and talked to many surviving members of Hitler's inner circle.  You are reading 'from the horse's mouth' instead of some intellectual or academic study.
   All of the supposed evidence that supports the idea that Hitler died in the bunker is based solely on circumstantial evidence.  The remains of Hitler's skull with the bullet hole in it was identified from DNA tests as that of a 40 year old woman.  The skeletal remains of Bormann that were supposedly found in Berlin were falsely identified as his; the DNA test was compared with a very distant relative.  Why didn't they get DNA from his surviving children?  Surely that would have proved it.  Bormann's children were never asked to provide DNA for the test.  Also, no one in the bunker actually saw Hitler shoot himself.  Some reported hearing shots but how could anyone have heard anything with the bunker generator running at full tilt and the Soviet artillery barrages going on above ground.
     I have watched every documentary about Hitler's death and none of them have convinced me this far.
     Harry Cooper is an internationally recognized expert on WW2 German U-Bootwaffen.  The claim that the author is attached to some neo-Nazi groups are entirely made up from fiction and the liberal media which would have us believe their cherry-picked versions of history and not the truth.  The article that was written about the Sharkhunters tours in the liberal rag known as 'the intelligence report' which was once a great magazine on terrorist groups and gang activity.  Now it has turned into a liberal gossip rag like the Enquirer.  The FBI dropped them (the intelligence report) from their research sources last year due to this.  So take that for what it is worth.
     Whether you believe the account or not, it's still an interesting read onWW2 history.  I'll leave the decision up to the reader."

from a professional (?????) book critic named Roger Clark we read:
"Hopeless nonsense - save your money.  If you're hoping this book will prove Hitler, Eva Braun and Martin Bormann escaped from Berlin in 1945 at the end of WW2 forget it.  They never fled abroad and lived in Argentina or anywhere else.  This book which claims to reveal 'The documented truth of Hitler's escape from Berlin' is just another variation on the usual conspiracy theory nonsense."
He goes on and on point by point attempting to show that this book is incorrect.  We did not include it all because it goes on and on for page after page - none of it proving his point that this book is wrong.  We just do not have the space for it all.  He mentions British archives etc. and who more than the British archives would want the tired, old story to stand.  We looked at his history as a professional critic and it seems he has disliked just about every book we could find that he reviewed...........with one exception.  He loved a book about Queen Elizabeth II.  What Brit would dare to bad mouth the Queen?  All things considered, all Roger Clark did was to repeat the tired old stories that Hitler and Eva Braun did kill themselves in the bunker even though Stalin continued to scream long after the end of the war that the Brits and the Americans were not doing enough to find Hitler.  Why look for him if you have his body?  Mr. Clark didn't cover that.

"I plan to write a rebuttal to Roger Clark.  My guess is that he is a professional debunker paid by MI-6 or MI-7 to spread propaganda.  My research a few years back about the JFK murder had made it clear to me that powers that be actually employ naysayers to debunk challenges to official stories..........but, like anything else, the truth eventually comes out."

from a guy who didn't have the balls to sign his name; calls himself "Truthseeker":
"Warning!  The author is a neo-Nazi!  Before you order this book, read the article 'Touring the Third Reich'.  Harry Cooper, the author, is a neo-Nazi who has successfully portrayed himself as apolitical in several mainstream media venues where he has publicized his book.  Even if some of his facts are right, you should not give him your money."
Comments from HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983):
"This fellow doesn't know me, never met me yet he knows that I am a neo-Nazi?  Actually, I am a Republican but I suppose that doesn't help.  He has never read the book, but he "knows" that it is terrible.  He is correct in one point however - you do not give me your money.  I do not take a salary of any kind from Sharkhunters and I do not any money from book sales or anything else.  This all goes to Sharkhunters to keep this history coming forward."

This book is the very best book on the factual history of the escape of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and so many more and those who have read the book say it is the very best on this topic that they have ever read.  I remember a scene from a satirical movie of the 1970's in which it was stated that "With the birth of the art comes the inevitable after-birth.....the critic."  We must also remember that a professional critic is a frustrated writer whose work was never good enough, so they make their living tearing down the work of others.  Okay, just remember what P. T. Barnum said "Say what you want about me - just make sure to spell the name correctly."
   We are also reminded of part of a sermon our pastor gave some years ago.  An old man was sitting on the dock fishing for crabs.  A young boy was watching and as the old man caught a crab, he just tossed it into an open bucket.  The boy was nervous and told the old man that he better put a lid on the pail because the crabs were trying to crawl out.  The old man said there was nothing to worry about because if any crab got near the top, the others pulled him back down.  And so it is with so-called "experts" and critics.  They are only happy when they try to tear something down, something they weren't good enough to do themselves.

Film producer ROBERT MILES (7760-2014) commented:
"You have blown the doors off this subject Harry, and my hat's off to you.  I am honored to be a Member."

MIKE WINGIER (6075-2000) emailed:
"I have the book 'Hitler in Argentina' by Harry Cooper and it is indisputable proof of Hitler's and many other Nazis' escapes via U-Boats, wooden ships and yachts to avoid radar detection - and planes, first to Spain then to Chile, Colombia and to Patagonia in Argentina starting in May 1945 and lasting many years with full knowledge of and even collaboration with the Allies.  Perón was paid upwards of sixty million dollars and received many other benefits from the Nazis in order to accommodate and them in their secret lairs at the tip of South America.  Pinochet of Chile was involved as well.
     The suicides and cremations at the Berlin bunker were a staged fake - Hitler said he wanted to die with his troops at the last but he and Eva Braun were heavily drugged by SS boss Martin Bormann and removed from the bunker, barely able to walk, with a crippled left hand and a palsy showing in his trembling right hand as he shook hands and said goodbye to each of his underground staff in Berlin.
     Sharkhunters is an international organization dedicated chiefly to the history of the Unterseeboots as well as submarines of other countries.  I have belonged since 2000.  American WW II Medal of Honor winners Fluckey, O'Kane, Ramage and Street were Members; Admiral Kelso are/were Members as well as President Reagan.  Decorated U-Boat Skippers abound in the Membership as well as many Luftwaffe Aces.
   There is an astounding collection of interviews with those German U-Boat Skippers, intelligence agents of several countries, pictures and de-classified FBI files.  We knew of the secret U-Plätze as early as 1944 big time, before the Hitler escape in May 1945.  The scanned FBI files, memos and letters in this book are very convincing.
     Stalin knew - Truman and Eisenhower were told........Eisenhower even visited a secret lair and there is a picture in the book of him in front of one of the German 'Hotels' in Patagonia, Argentina in 1960.
     Get the book from the website!!  Great read!!  Astounding, with myriad facts that are presented and documented and mostly astounding was that WE KNEW!  Early on when it was still being planned.
     Read all about it - secret agents from Odessa 'die Spinne' (the spider), FBI and others tell their stries as the files from many nations become declassified.  Buy the book - you will believe!"

from Robert Vaughn, Senior:
"Tracking both U-Boats and Hitler are important!  You folks have been doing a great job of tracking facts about both.  Thank God you were on Coast to Coast with George Knapp!  Onward, ever onward Harry and fellow Sharkhunters folks!"

Jordan Sirotic emailed:
"I have been listening to your radio interviews and exploring your website - so much great information.  It's great that the truth is finally coming out and hopefully the world will remove their heads from the sand! 

CHARLES HARDIN (7639-2012) emailed:
"I am on page 70 of your new book.  So far it is excellent."

MARC NASSE (7457-2009)
liked the book so well that he ordered another for a friend of his:
"I read your book "Hitler in Argentina", very good but there are lots of questions that I would like to have answers to.  Keep up the good work."

Retired NASA specialist and historian CLARK McCLELLAND (7728-2013) emailed:
"Yes, YOUR ASTOUNDING BOOK has proven with no doubt that Hitler and his wife survived the bunker deaths.  It is a truly marvelous history of the lies in WW II history taught to our now brain dead kids in schools."

Tim Kelly emailed:
"Indeed, Mr. Cooper, I was shocked when I came back and still heard you on the 3rd hour (Rense Show 22 April).  This was clearly the best three hours of radio that I have heard in a very long time."
     EDITOR NOTE - The show was to be two hours, which is the normal
     but it was going so well that Jeff Rense asked the two guests (Cooper
     and Marrs) to stay on for the third hour.  It was a great show.

Lynda Culp emailed:
"I heard your interview with Jeff Rense.  Brilliant!!"

Bill Baxley emailed:
"I have listened to Jeff for years.  His radio program always offers enlightened programming.  My Dad swore Hitler was in South America and probably in Argentina to me as a child; early 1950's.  I wish he was still around to read your book.  My blond hair, blue eyed grandchildren will also learn the truth as well."

from Alexander Caputo:
"Listened to your excellent report on the Rense program - very interesting and informative."

William Deregibus emailed:
"Greetings Harry.  Thank you so much for taking the time to sign the copy of "Hitler in Argentina".  The book is the very richest lode of photos, documents and testimonies ever produced.  I think your theory (conclusion) on page 262 is historically accurate.  Carter Plympton Hydrick's book "Critical Mass" really supports this theory."
     got much of what is in that book from the Sharkhunters Archives

HANS SPYKER (759-1988)
is a veteran of the German U-Bootwaffe and he emailed:
"Dear Harry; Your book is so good that I recommend it to all my friends and relatives.  It brings back many memories as a World War Two U-Bootfahrer and I was very lucky to be a survivor!  As a proud Member of SHARKHUNTERS I also want to thank you for our fantastic Patrol in South Germany."
EDITOR NOTE - HANS and his daughter Diana were with us for our 2013 "Southern Patrol"

James Bauernschmidt emailed:
"I hope you like my review as much as I liked your book.  How often is the official version of a contemporary event challenged with evidence, which demands a different verdict?  It seems anyone who does this challenging gets branded as a 'conspiracy theorist'.  However, just a little research will reveal evidence contradicting the official version of several major events.  Have we been told the truth about the murder of JFK or what really happened on 9-11?
     Not the subject of this book is Hitler's fate after WWII.  One of my professors in the 1980s vehemently maintained the truth of the official story of Hitler's suicide in the Bunker.  Suggesting that Hitler had escaped to Argentina was just 'too outrageous' and would guarantee falling out of the professor's favor.  But, in recent years, evidence supporting Hitler's survival in Argentina has been coming to light.  For example, most of the FBI files have been publicized and can be accessed online.  Copies of several of these files are displayed in this book.
EDITOR NOTE - It was our S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER who found all these files and got them declassified.
     The first several chapters of the book are the first-hand accounts of Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco, a Spaniard who worked for the Nazis before, during and after WWII.  He gives details about serving in the Bunker the last few months of the war, travelling by submarine a year later helping Martin Bormann escape to Argentina, and his involvement with the Nazis in South America for several years after the war.  He got flown down from Mexico in the early 1950's to a hidden Nazi complex, presumably in Bariloche, Argentina, and met briefly with Hitler who by then was a feeble, old man.  Don Angel's testimony is corroborated by other books about Nazis in South America.  Another recommended book in 'Martin Bormann - Nazi in Exile' by Paul Manning.
EDITOR NOTE - DON ANGEL was Sharkhunters Member #158-1985.
     This book, 'Hitler in Argentina' presents more evidence.  It quotes Stalin and Eisenhower, among others, who expressed the belief that Hitler was still alive.  Interviews with eye-witnesses in Argentina tell of other encounters with Hitler.  Some of these eye-witnesses have been threatened to keep their mouths shut indicating a hidden network active to this day with its own agenda.  Brief write-ups are also made of several other top SS officers who also lived their lives in South America.
     The author devotes several pages explaining why the powers that be (i.e. Israel, USA etc.) did not 'go after' Hitler in Argentina despite the evidence.
     Overall, the book is a fascinating and thought-provoking read.  It is highly recommended to anyone interested in contemporary history who wants an insiders' scoop about the details of events."

After world renowned historian Jim Marrs read the book, his comment was:
"The information in this book is FABULOUS!"

RON BOERST (7355-2008) emailed:
"Great book, Harry.  I want more!  How about a docu-movie!!  I'm proud of you and proud to be a Member"
     EDITOR NOTE - We are working on that, but it is slow going and we could use any help from anywhere.

More from USMC combat veteran BILL NAPIER (2290-C/LIFE-1992) who emailed this:
"I've been reading this great book.  I love it!  After finishing the book I give it a big HOT DAMN!"

MIKE TORRESON (371-LIFE-1987) emailed:
"The addition of DON ANGEL's letters to you add a lot to the story.  I like the progression throughout the book.  It is logical and makes it easy to grasp the whole theme of the book.  It will change a lot of brainwashed minds.  Excellent job - as usual."

PAMELA POST (7759-2014) emailed:
"Hitler in Argentina".....positively riveting information........have read it once and continue to refer back to pages that intrigue; love the DON ANGEL testimony.  The adventure is not yet over!!"

RICH delFAVRO (1495-LIFE-1990)
"Hitler in Argentina" came out great!  Lots of new information and pictures, especially intrigued by that photo that purports to show Hitler as an old man in Argentina."

CARTER MANIERRE (6352-2001) emailed:
"As far as the book goes, I got two copies of the original way back when and I remember bugging you about more info; more info.  This latest edition does the trick.  Thanks.  All my life, since age 15 or so, I never believed that der Fuhrer did himself in.  It just never smelled right, you know.  So you have vindicated my thoughts and presented the truth.  Now - what about those pictures of Eva?"

Lisa Ann Gray emailed this:
"Harry, I am upset!  I can't put your latest book down!  It is fabulous so far!  Wow - what research etc.  It is really, really interesting."

CARTER MANIERE (6352-2001)
"Harry, re "Hitler in Argentina" - you hit one out of the park.  Your research shows the wide disconnect between the politically correct 'directed history' and Truth.  More power to you and people like you."

Doctor WARREN BROWN (265-1987) emailed (in part):
"I do believe you have a winner going as I had a difficult time putting it down.  The world loves a mystery and you are holding a jackpot."

U. S. Marine Corps Sergeant and combat veteran BILL NAPIER (2290-C/LIFE-1992) emailed this:

"Harry, I just received the book and only paged through it and found it to be astounding.

       So detailed, can't wait to get into it."

U-Boat crewman HANS SPYKER (759-1988) emailed:
".......then came your book!  It is so fascinating that I have to force myself to put it down.  I am reliving the end of World War Two.  I am wondering how you are able to do all the research and patrols?"

US Air Force B-52 bomber pilot STEPHEN GATES (7241-2007) emailed:
"Loved the book on Hitler's 'non-demise'.  One has to be crazy to believe that arrogant individual would take his own life.  Clever, these Germans."

Colonel JOHN BLASHFORD-SNELL (7-1983) of the Royal Engineers and world renowned explorer read "The Secret Alliance" and had this to say:
"I found 'The Secret Alliance' most interesting and informative.  I congratulate Michael Ivinheim on his upstanding research and you for publishing this fascinating account.  As you know, I became interested in the subject following our time in the Bahamas and the discovery of the secret dock near Cusapin in Panama.  I still hear tales of U-Boats on the Amazon but reckon they are fictional.  However, I shall be going up to Manaus by river next year and will keep my eyes and ears open."

from Bill Urban right after he read the book:
For years....yea...decades, I simply went along with the newspaper headlines, that Hitler and Eva Braun, had committed suicide in the bunker.  Just as for decades, I simply went along with the newspaper headlines, that Lee Harvey Oswald, killed President Kennedy. Alone and unaided.  NOW?  After reading your book?  I've had to take a hard and realistic new approach, to my previous conclusions and re-evaluate those conclusions.  You have definitely, (without a doubt), planted the seeds of doubt, (in my mind anyway), as to what actually occurred in those dark hours, in the Führer Bunker, as the Russians were closing in.  History owes you a big debt Harry.

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