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 "When Eagles Soared" (Volume 2)

This book highlights the deeds, experiences and memories of those who fought the air war in World War Two - men who actually saw their opponent through their spinning propeller.  Much likes the knights of old, these warriors faced one another and fought to the death in the cold skies.  Return with us to those glory days when men took to the skies - one came home covered with glory.....the other did not return.


Chapter   1:  "Ramjägers" Did the Luftwaffe train pilots and equip planes to ram Allied bombers?
Chapter   2:  "the Outhouse" tells how American flight crews spent their time in an outpost;
Chapter   3:  German Bombs - Luftwaffe expert Tim Kutta, Member #4839 goes into great detail;
Chapter   4:  the Heinkel HE 111.....more from Luftwaffe expert Kutta;
Chapter   5:  WASP History.  far too little is told about this brave group of American pilots;
Chapter   6:  "Air Combat" tells some of the battle memories of William Foard and his P-51;
Chapter   7:  Gerhard Krems, Member #6329 remembers the time he landed his HE 111 behind Soviet lines to rescue another crew;
Chapter   8:  Luftwaffe fighter ACE Horst Petzschler, Member 1122 tells about his time in the war;
Chapter   9:  The Mailman and International Brotherhood of Airmen parallels two pilots - one German, the other American;
Chapter 10:  Yamamoto Shoot Down remembered by ACE P-38 pilot George Chandler, Member #6371;
Chapter 11:  Deanie Parish remembers her time as a WASP;
Chapter 12:  Colonel Bob Morgan, Member #2768 and the Memphis Belle;
Chapter 13:  Luftwaffe Memories
II.....Defense of the Reich; Hans Seyringer is a young pilot;
Chapter 14:  Aviation Fuel Wars by Tim Kutta;
Chapter 15:  A B-29 gunner is blown out of the plane.....a great target for the Zero fighters;
Chapter 16:  Me 109k.....Luftwaffe expert Tim Kutta, Member #4839 goes into detail;
Chapter 17:  Attacks against the United States Mainland";
Chapter 18:  Reich Dreams - Special Weapons;
Chapter 19:  "Friend or Foe?" not so easy to bored USAAF guys in the Canal Zone;
Chapter 20:  End of U-654 remembered by the USAAF crew that sank her;
Chapter 21:  WASP Veteran Ethel Finley, Member #6378 remembers her flying during the war years;
Chapter 22:  Tim Kutta, Member #4839 lays out the Organization of the Luftwaffe;
Chapter 23:  First American Rescue from Enemy Action in WW II;
Chapter 24:  Georg von Zirk, Member #3290 remembers more combat - and more escapes from the Soviets;
Chapter 25:  Attacking the Luftwaffe.....German fighters hidden in the woods were targets;
Chapter 26:  "Today Red - Tomorrow Dead!" more memories from Georg von Zirk, Member #3290;
Chapter 27:  "World War Two Secrets Revealed" by Georg von Zirk, Member #3290;
Chapter 28:  "Inferior" Russian Pilots by Rolf Zydek, Member #6377;
Chapter 29:  Eaglehunters Member Wolfgang Späte and the Me 163 rocket propelled fighter.

Your copy will be hand signed by the author.  The book consists of 200 pages with about 100 photographs.

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