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 "U-BOAT!"  (Vol VI)

"U-BOAT!" Volume VI) continues the fascinating saga of the German U-Bootfahrer in World War Two plus some stories from the American side.


These stories come directly from the memories and video interviews with the men who were there.  There is no substitute for first-person memories......and this book has plenty of those.

This book is an extension of "U-BOAT!" (Volumes I, II, III, IV and V)

Chapter 1, 'Oberleutnant (Ing.) Heinrich Klassens tells the battle history of U-161';

Chapter 2, 'Riding the WILD GOOSE' - HMS WILD GOOSE was one of the most successful ASW ships in the Royal Navy.  This chapter is written by a crewman who rode HMS WILD GOOSE during the war;

Chapter 3, 'Loch Eribol and the End of the U-Boot War' - A sleepy little little British village and the impact of the massive of so many German U-Boats surrendering at the close of the war;

Chapter 4, 'State Yacht AVISO GRILLE' - A German sailor, fresh out of Boot Camp and additional naval training is assigned duty on board the German State Yacht AVISO GRILLE.  During his time on board, he saw Adolf Hitler come aboard and told us about Hitler - about his eating and sleeping habits, about the distinguished guests who visited - and he tells us first-hand....was Adolf Hitler prone to seasickness?

Chapter 5, 'The U-Boats that Surrendered' - This is an in-depth history of all the German U-Boats that surrendered at the end of the war; which U-Boats, where they surrendered, who were the Skippers and what was the final fate of each of these boats.  It's all here;

Chapter 6, 'The German Navy and the Royal Navy - An excellent comparison between these two navies, written by career U.S. Navy submariner KEN HENRY, Member #1468;

Chapter 7, 'The Confederate States Navy' - Chief MIKE HOWELL, Member #176-LIFE, digs deeply into this little-known facet of submarine warfare.  MIKE tells about CSS HUNLEY, CSS DAVID and more with photos and details found nowhere else;

Chapter 8, 'GERD THÄTER' -
GERHARD THÄTER Member #194 is a rare U-Bootfahrer.....he made the transit through 'the Gates of Hell' (Gibraltar) not once but twice!  The first time, he was I.W.O. on U-568 under Kapitänleutnant Günther Preuß that reached Toulon.  After some operations in the Mediterranean, GERD was ordered home to get his own boat.  He put U-466 into commission on 17 June 1942 and commanded her for some operations in the North Atlantic until he was ordered to transit the Straits, which he did successfully and was then based out of Toulon until bombers of the USAAF destroyed his boat and others dockside.  He was born to be a Navy man - his father retired as a Vizeadmiral (three Stars) and his brother retired as Flottillenadmiral (one Star).....GERD retired at the rank of Fregatenkapitän (three and a half rings - more or less a junior Kaiptän).  GERD laughed when he admitted that he was the 'Black Sheep' of the family.  A great piece of personal history from a man who was there;

Chapter 9, 'Six Days in a German U-Boat' - This unusual story by CPO FRANK McCLATCHIE, Member #5814, tells in great detail how this US Navy non-com was put in charge of a German U-Boat on the high seas; how he removed the German Skipper from command and put the I.W.O. in command in his place - all under command of FRANK for six days;

Chapter 10, 'Polish Submarines in WW II' - The Polish Navy had a handful of operational submarines when World War Two broke out and DAVID CHWALA, Member #1422 tells us all about these boats that had to break out of the Mediterranean.  Some made it to join the Royal Navy while others were not so lucky.  DAVID gives us history known to a mere handful;

Chapter 11, 'Loss of GULF AMERICA' - An excellent review of the actions leading up to and the loss of this brand new tanker, sunk off the Jacksonville, Florida beaches by
REINHARD  HARDEGEN Member #102, one of only twenty-eight U-Bootfahrer to be decorated with the Knights Cross and Oak Leaves;

Chapter 12, 'the Greatest Patrol of USS BARB' - US Navy Torpedoman JAMES SANTOS, Member #4896-A/LIFE tells about this great US Navy warboat commanded by Commander (later Rear Admiral)
EUGENE  FLUCKEY , Member #2169.  With the Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross (four times) and countless other decorations, FLUCKEY was the most highly decorated American submariner EVER!  This chapter tells a great piece of US Navy submarine history;

Chapter 13, 'the Story of U-73' - The battle history of this boat is told with many new photos;

Chapter 14, 'Japanese-German Cooperation in WW II' - This is an extremely in-depth look at the cooperation.....or lack thereof between the two major powers of the Axis.  It is a combination of the Doctoral thesis by PHILLIP ATTENBOROUGH, Member #440 with additional facts and comments by Captain KEN BEYER (USN, Ret) Member #1156.  This explains how these two powers cooperated - or failed to take advantage of many lost opportunities.

Your copy will be hand signed by the author.  The book consists of 285 pages with about 200 photographs.

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