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 "Rise and Fall of the U-Boatwaffe!"

This book goes into the reasons for the rebirth of the U-Bootwaffe, through their early successes into the beginning of the decline down to the final capitulation.


Chapter 1: Beginning of the new U-Bootwaffe
  Chapter 2: Clandestine Preparations
   Two for Turkey
   Three for Finland
   One for Spain
  Chapter 3: Mobilization Plans
   War plans - France and Poland
   U-Boat Type Selections
Chapter 4: Political Considerations
   Versailles Treaty
   Washington Naval Conference
   London Naval Conference
   Geneva Disarmament
  Chapter 5: Actual Construction
   Building Sheds
   U-1 is built
  Chapter 6: Operation "URSULA"
   Secret U-Boat combat operations - in 1936!
Chapter 7: Need for Improvements in U-Boats
   Equipment and Armament
  Chapter 8: The U-Boats Begin to Surrender    

Next Section is the Post War Interrogation of Großadmiral Karl Dönitz

Chapter 9: Section I - 30 January 1933 to 1 September 1939   Chapter 10: Section II - 1 September 1939 to April 1940
Chapter 11: Section III - April to October 1940   Chapter 12: Section IV - October 1940 to December 1941
Chapter 13: Section V - December 1941 to April 1943   Chapter 14: Section VI - April 1943 to September 1944
Chapter 15: Section VII - September 1944 to May 1945   Chapter 16: Final Observations
Chapter 17: Appendix to the Interrogation of Dönitz   Chapter 18: Critical Factors in the Outcome of the War
   Allied Bombing
   New U-Boat Types
   Invasion of England

.........and did Großadmiral Karl Dönitz plan to escape to the Soviet Union as the war ended?

Your copy will be hand signed by the author.  The book consists of 285 pages with about 200 photographs.

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