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 "When Eagles Soared" (Volume 1)

This book highlights the deeds, experiences and memories of those who fought the air war in World War Two - men who actually saw their opponent through their spinning propeller.  Much likes the knights of old, these warriors faced one another and fought to the death in the cold skies.  Return with us to those glory days when men took to the skies - one came home covered with glory.....the other did not return.


Chapter   1:  "Foo Fighters (
I)" remembered by a veteran with eye-witness accounts;
Chapter   2:  Flying Combat with the Luftwaffe (
I) by Sharkhunters Member Georg von Zirk;
Chapter   3:  Not Good to Sink Your Own Submarine - USAAF 'Error';
Chapter   4:  Reward Offered for the 'Black Devil' about Sharkhunters Member Erich Hartmann;
Chapter   5:  A Mystery Solved - USAAF Sinks Unidentified Submarine;
Chapter   6:  The First Trans-Atlantic Flight;
Chapter   7:  A Secret Kept tells about U-234 and her secret cargo;
Chapter   8:   "Foo Fighters (
II)" Baron Georg von Zirk adds the German perspective;
Chapter   9:  Sharkhunters Member and Double ACE Bob Goebel tells about his air combat in WW II;
Chapter 10:  Luftwaffe Memories (
I) tells about Luftwaffe Secret Weapons;
Chapter 11:  Surviving Under Duress - the personal experience of a German pilot in Soviet captivity;
Chapter 12:  "The Gallant Gallands" tells about the three brothers in the Luftwaffe;
Chapter 13:  Flying Combat with the Luftwaffe (
II) by Sharkhunters Member Georg von Zirk;
Chapter 14:  "The Disastrous Kassel Mission" tells of the massive losses of the 8th Air Force;
Chapter 15:  "The Walrus - What the Hell is THAT?" one of the funniest wartime flyboy stories ever;
Chapter 16:  "There Were Pigs in India" just have to read this one;
Chapter 17:  the submarine borne attack bomber AICHI M6A "Mountain Haze";
Chapter 18:  The True Story of Colin Kelly, America's First War Hero of WW II;
Chapter 19:  Attack on Convoy PQ.18 was one of the most devastating convoy losses of the war;
Chapter 20:  Flying Combat with the Luftwaffe (
III) by Sharkhunters Member Georg von Zirk;
Chapter 21:  Remembering the P-40 fighter;
Chapter 22:  the Luftwaffe's "Throw Away" Fighter;
Chapter 23:  All about the Heinkel HE 177;
Chapter 24:  Georg von Zirk tells of his THREE Escapes from the Communists;
Chapter 25:  Flying Combat with the Luftwaffe (
IV) by Sharkhunters Member Rolf Zydek;
Chapter 26:  the Top Soviet Ave, Ivan Kozhedub by USAAF ACE and Member George Chandler;

Your copy will be hand signed by the author.  The book consists of 206 pages with about 100 photographs.

Only $25 per copy (plus $6 shipping in the USA or $10 elsewhere)

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