Kapitänleutnant Paul Brasack was initially serving in the Luftwaffe before being ordered to the Kriegsmairne to eventually take command of U-737.  He made two war patrols aboard U-590, then commanded U-737.

Brasack never sank a ship, making him an unusual Ritterkreuzträger (Knights Cross Holder) but he was commander of a Wolf Pack operating against Convoy JW 56B and he fired at a destroyer, but missed.  on the next day, he had the same bad luck with another destroyer - however, his actions against these destroyers pulled them off their convoy protection duty to attack U-737, and other U-Boats of his Wolf Pack did get in and sink ships, so Brasack was awarded the Knights Cross for this action.

Brasack 1                                Brasack 2                               Brascak 3

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