How Did They Like Their Tours?
Many people would like to know what our earlier travelers thought of their 'Patrols' with Sharkhunters, and we certainly understand.  Here are their uncut comments in random order.  You will note that everyone mentions that their highlights of their tours was the warm welcome we always receive from the U-boat Skippers and veterans on our tours.  They do not visit with ANY other tours or groups.

Comments from those on our 2007 "Southern Patrol"
Sid Aust wrote:
"I just want to be the first to share my comments about the Southern Patrol 2007.  I am still trying to get my breath from the experience and after making so many friends on the trip.  I would have never dreamed that I would go to places that I had only read about in books or saw on the history channel.....and sitting here at my computer, it still feels like a dream.  If I never go out of the country again, this is one trip I won't soon forget.  The landscapes in Austria, Germany and Italy were breathtaking as was the history.  I could say more, but not enough room.  Many thanks go to Harry for sharing this experience with us."
Sid went on to write:
"I had a fantastic time!  My favorite memory of the trip was the Eagle's Nest - what a view!  It was also great making new friends from whom I learned a lot and the veteran's (memorial) ceremony on the mountain for sure!"

Charter Member Bill Reed summed it up perfectly when he said:
"This is like driving through a picture postcard!"

Karl Adolf Wolff wrote:
"I had a really good time and my favorite memory was meeting my fellow patrol members and the vets!"

A member (name withheld) wrote:
"I had a really good time and my best memory was the stadium at Nürnberg, the trial room in Nürnberg, the dinners with the veterans and especially the Eagle's Nest."

Dean Powell wrote:
"Just a note to tell you that I enjoyed the trip and the various fascinating sites."

Duane and Penny Luthe-Charles:
"I know you have many talents and accomplishments but we were not aware of your ESP capabilities.  We were sitting over our morning coffee and of course discussing our recent 'Southern Patrol' when Duane remarked that he wishes he had been able to record the music from the Veterans' Ceremonies.  I went to the mailbox and lo and behold - there it was!!  We had to play it immediately and it is wonderful!  Thank you for this beautiful music.  It will be played often and loudly - of course."

NOTE - We sent a CD of this music to all who were on our 2007 'Southern Patrol'.

Colonel Curt Ebitz and his wife Marin Elain both wrote that they had a fantastic time, and both had the same favorite part of the "Patrol"
the Colonel wrote:
"There were so many great things it is difficult to select my favorite.  However, since the Palace of Justice courtroom where the leaders were tried isoff limits to other tourists, the special access afforded by Sharkhunters made this the most vivid memory."

and Mari-Elain wrote:
"The Nürnberg courtroom!!  I could almost feel the presence of all the players.  Also, the special room in the City Hall - spectacular!"

NOTE - this special room houses what many believe are the crown, scepter and orb of Charlemagne.

Jimmy Kennedy rode USS BLOWER and he wrote:
"I had a fantastic time and I met some really great people.  My favorite was our German guide in Nürnberg - he will make Major."

Jim Hayward wrote:
"I had a fantastic time and my most vivid memory of this patrol was the beautiful mountain scenery in Austria and the countryside in Bavaria.  We must keep the memory of the old veterans alive so they will not be forgotten  I am most favorably impressed with the Patrol and the chance to chance to meet and interact with so many interesting people."


Comments from those on our 2007 "Bunker Patrol"

Bill Reed is Member #13-1983, so he has been with Sharkhunters our entire life - he is a Charter Member.  Bill has been with us on several "Patrols" over the years, and here is what he says about this one:
"That was a great trip and I thank you for a good time."

Ray Nowak has been a Member since about 1989.  He and his son Michael were with us in Berlin, and he writes:
"Both 'Patrols' were great.  Berlin exceeded my expectations.  Thanks again.  Only those who go on a Sharkhunters "Patrol" can appreciate it.  It is very hard to explain to someone who was never on a "Patrol" exactly what it is like.....the people you meet, the places you go, what you see and what experience are indescribable.  They will live in your memory forever."

Comments from those on our 2006 "Southern Patrol"

Mary Myers has been on other "Patrols" & on this one, she went "bunker hunting"  She says:
"The trip was wonderful and I REALLY enjoyed it.  Being one of the adventurous ones looking for bunkers was a real highlight for me.  Once again thanks for a great tour as always.  One I would never trade for a million dollars."

This was the first Sharkhunters "Patrol" for Bonnie Russell and she writes:
"I just wanted to tell you that I had a FANTASTIC time on the patrol to South Germany and Austria!  It was great meeting the veterans and I especially enjoyed the trip to Nuremberg and getting to go INSIDE the Zeppelinfeld Tribune!  It was definitely a high point for me.  I had a great time and met a lot of very nice people and saw some interesting places where history was made.  I would recommend a Sharkhunters tour to anyone who is interested in seeing historical places that aren't open to the public, and meeting veterans who helped make this history.  It's a trip I would make again."

Ray Nowak has been a Member since about 1989.  He and his son Michael were with us in 2006 and he writes:
"Thanks again.  Only those who go on a Sharkhunters 'Patrol' can appreciate it.  It is very hard to explain to someone who has never been on a 'Patrol' exactly what it is like.......the people you meet, the places you go, what you see and what you experience are indescribable.  They will live in your memory forever."

U-Boat veteran Erwin Burdt was one of our Members on this 'Patrol' and he writes:
"I had a really good time and my more vivid memory was the Obersalzberg.  We must keep the Obersalzberg, München, Nürnberg and Austria in the southern 'Patrol'."

Comments from those with us on our 2005 "Patrol" to Berlin and Poland

Mary Myers: "I wanted to let you know how happy I am that Loren talked me into going on this tour to (north) Germany and Poland.  I really, really, really had a blast and met so many wonderful people.  Thanks to Sharkhunters I even conquered some long time fears.  My favorite memory of all is the WHOLE TOUR!  Most women think that they would not enjoy this at all.  I'm here to say they have no clue what they are missing.  This tour is engraved in my memory forever.  Thanks for such an invigorating tour.  I'll be sending my Membership fee soon and I'll be proud to say that I'm a Member!!  Once again, a special thanks to your love of history."

     Loren Charles (3818-2003):
"What a wonderful tour.  It will always live in our memories.  I only wish I could have done this years earlier, yet I'm so happy I made this one.  The history we lived, walked through and relived was amazing and meeting some of the very special men who played a part in this history made it all the more incredible."

     Miguel Gonzales-Hermosillio (3076-1993):
          "The Sharkhunters 'Patrols' are a Ticket into the Tunnel of Time".

     Lars Sunn Pedersen (3782-1994):
"It was a fantastic meeting we had with you, and it was nice to meet some Members.  I thank you for our short meeting and shall be looking forward to seeing you again; whenever that will be!"

Charter Member Bill Reed (13-LIFE-1983):
  "I have been on other Sharkhunters "Patrols" but this was far and away the best ever!"

Duane Luthe-Rubin (5821-LIFE-1999) and Penny were on both "Patrols": 
"WOW!  What a "Patrol"!  It was everything you said it would be and more, it was terrific!!  My comments briefly for now would be - a highpoint of my life due to not only walking the same path as great German historical leaders, but also walking with American men of history.  You see Harry, 'the Volk' were the real highpoint for me, just being in the presence of the German veterans was awesome, recognizing the mindset of the German people and the burden they carry (especially the later generations) was an education in German tragedy!  I shall never forget the proud but sad expressions at Ulrichsberg.  I have always been proud of my great-uncle who served the Kaiser 1914-1918.  The Sharkhunters Members we met and are in contact with are of great importance to us - what a wonderful group of people.
                                            You have something to be very proud of, Commander!!"

Dr. Renée von Worde (887-1988)has been on previous "Patrols" and she writes:  
"I have been reading about the FABULOUS "Patrols" and also the Members' comments.  I know that everyone had the trip of a lifetime.  I have fantastic memories of our trip and I think of how much I am looking forward to being able to return.  With Sharkhunters, one experiences history and creates memories that last forever.  "No other tour can even come close!"

And from friends who met us there, Dr. (Law) Hans-Georg Hess (125-LIFE-1985) and his son, attorney Tilman Hess (5817-LIFE-1999), they said:
               "You organized everything so fantastic and you keep your head above the water."

Roland Ihle: 
"Thanks for a wonderful trip." So. Germany/Austria 2000

Karl Kettler brought his wife Marianne along, and they had this to say: 
"We had a fantastic time and the best part of the tour was the camaraderie.  The group on the tour and the veterans we met made it a perfect event!"  North Germany 2001

Mike Anderson: 
"I loved the great times and instant camaraderie with the many interesting people on the tour.  I truly enjoyed getting to know my fellow Sharkhunters.  I had a great time with everyone.  Now that I have two patrols under my belt, I eagerly await a chance to go on a third.  I'm hooked!" South Germany/Austria 2001

Dave Savadyga was on 8 Sharkhunters 'Patrols': "
I loved the military museums & historical times."

Jim Pennington had been on several Sharkhunters 'Patrols':  "T
he tour was absolutely fantastic!  I'm glad I came along." So. Germany/Austria 2000

Paul Kemp:  "
The tour was absolutely tremendous!  It is impossible to get a bad meal or a bad beer in Germany or Austria." So. Germany/Austria 2000.

Susan Burleigh:  "
What did I like best on the tour - besides the people and the food?  Hard to beat!  Nürnberg - great place.  Also the ceremony on Ulrich's mountain - really special.  I loved the camaraderie we shared at the Welcome Dinner and the Farewell Dinner."  So. Germany/Austria 2000.

A German U-boat vet on the tour wrote: 
"The tour was very good organized!"  North Germany 2001

David Bickford: 
"I had a fantastic time!  Loved the visit to the grave of Großadmiral Dönitz, the Bunker that was off limits, and the quality of the dinners."  North Germany 2001

At first, Donna Radosh was unhappy that her husband signed them up for our 'Patrol'.  Here is what she wrote after return to the USA: 
"I had a good time and enjoyed the people the most!  It was a great mix of friendly, intelligent and entertaining people."  North Germany 2001

Donna's husband, Dave Radosh, wrote this: 
"I had a fantastic time!  I loved being able to do research on U-boats, and I enjoyed talking with all the veterans."  North Germany 2001

Col. Richard Harris, USAF: 
"I loved meeting the veterans and going places the average tourist doesn't go; I had a fantastic time!  It was a great trip. The tour of the 3rd Reich locations in Nürnberg was outstanding." So. Germany/Austria 2000

Jay Sorci: 
"I enjoyed the parade ground at Nürnberg and the Bunker Museum."
His wife Charlotte: 
"I liked the sightseeing, Nürnberg sights, the BMW Museum and Oktoberfest and I loved driving through the Alps." South Germany/Austria 2000

Are you ready to join a Sharkhunters 'Patrol' as these satisfied people did? You'll love it, and you'll wonder why you waited so long!