Eick took command of U-510 and ultimately sank some ten ships totaling 57,221 gross tons.  Eventually, Eick was ordered to take U-510 into the Indian Ocean where Eick was at the Japanese submarine facility in Osaka.

Eick 1 (100 in stock)
 Eick in the standard formal
        uniform pose.

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 Eick 2     (only 5 4 in stock)
           Left is Admiral Ona and his aide, center is Kplt Eick and on
the right is Fregettenkapitän Bloomfield.
 Eick 3  (only 5 4 in stock)
Admiral Ona and Eick with the ceremonial    Saki toast in Osaka.

 Eick 4 (only 5 4 in stock)
                 from left - Japanese Staff Officer, Eick, civilian
dignitary and Admiral Ona.
  Eick 5 (only 5 4 in stock)
Admiral Ona and Eick in center, surrounded by the crew
of U-510 and Japanese submarine officers.
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Eick 6 (only 5 4 in stock)
          Eick reporting to the Japanese Naval Headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

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