Hans-Georg Hess entered the Kriegsmarine as a teen-ager and was assigned to U-466, where he rose to Petty Officer, then to II. W. O. (Second Watch-keeping Officer) to I. W. O. (First Watchkeeping Officer) and was promoted to Leutnant zur See (der Reserve).  He got a tremendous amount of combat experience, and one action nearly cost him his life.  During an air attack, Hess received several potentially fatal wounds but they had a doctor on board, and his life was saved.

He celebrated his 21st birthday on 6 May 1944 and just three months later, was ordered to command U-995, relieving a Skipper who was deemed "not aggressive enough" and in so doing, at just barely 21 years of age, Hess became the one of the youngest combat submarine commander of World War II and possibly ever in the history of submarine warfare!

At a time when German U-Boats did not return from even their first war patrol, Hess brought his boat and his men back from five war patrols - successful war patrols, as he sank at least four ships.  He was decorated with the Knights Cross for his efforts.

Hess 1                                                Hess 2

Hess 1 is the formal portrait upon receiving the Knights Cross.  Hess 2 is his favorite photo, as it shows him with a smile and on the bridge of his U-995 - which is the only Type VII-C U-Boat still in existence.

Oberleutnant zur See der Reserve Hess is now Doctor of Law Hess, still in modified practice in Germany.  He has served ten years on our Sharkhunters Advisory Board and is our "bridgepost" of iron in Germany.  A fine man!

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