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SHARKHUNTERS International
Offers many items of the U-Boat War
Click on the Conning Tower Emblems below to see more

   DVDs - When you click on the famed "Smiling Sawfish" of U-96, commanded by Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock (Knights Cross with Oak Leaf) and Sharkhunters Member from 1985 until his death, your journey will take you to some of the most exclusive videotapes available anywhere.....some are recently from the personal collections of veterans, some are from the  private film vaults of foreign producers.
Some can be found nowhere else than Sharkhunters.

   BOOKS - Click on the "Catch the Hat" conning tower emblem of U-995, commanded by the youngest combat submarine Skipper of World War II, Knights Cross holder Hans-Georg Hess, Sharkhunters Member since 1985 and Advisory Board Member, and you will find yourself in the middle of one of the greatest libraries of books on the U-Boat war - many are HAND-SIGNED by veterans and authors.  HISTORICAL NOTE - when 21 year old Hess was given command of U-995, he told his crew they should pick a conning tower emblem - BUT it could not have anything to do with the war, with any ancient heraldic designs.  The design they selected was a children's name "Fang den Hut", translated to "Catch the Hat".

  HAND-SIGNED PHOTOS - U-960 commanded by Captain GŁnther Heinrich, Sharkhunters Member since 1991 and Advisory Board Member, was the last German U-Boat to make it safely through the Straits of Gibraltar, better known to the U-Bootfahrer as the 'Gates of Hell'.  Click on his conning tower emblem to learn how you may acquire a HAND-SIGNED photo of a Skipper or veteran of the war.

   HISTORICAL COFFEE MUGS - When you click on the "Little Bastard" conning tower emblem of U-616 under Knights Cross holder Siegfried Koitschka, Sharkhunters Member from 1986 until his death, you will be transported to a vast selection of coffee mugs with Skipper's photos on one side and the conning tower emblem on the other.  HISTORICAL NOTE - Koistshka was I.W.O. (First Watchkeeping Officer) aboard U-552 under Erich Topp, another Sharkhunters Member since 1985.....the conning tower emblem of U-552 was the famed "Dancing Red Devil" and since U-616 was transferred to the French Mediterranean base of Toulon and Koitschka had a great sense of humor, he said that the father of his emblem was the Dancing Devil from U-552 and the mother was a prostitute from Toulon.  Click his tower emblem and see the huge variety of items available.

   CDs AVAILABLE - Thanks to our veterans and other Members, we have collected some great music, interviews, radio broadcasts etc. that we give at no charge to our Members when they renew their annual dues.  Click on the conning tower emblem of U-953, commanded by the famous Skipper Herbert Werner - a Sharkhunters Charter Member since 1983 and Member of the Advisory Board, and you will see the variety of CDs available to you immediately.

   SPECIAL ITEMS available from Sharkhunters.  Click on the famous "Dancing Red Devil" of U-552, the boat of Erich Topp to see some very special items made available by advertisers in Sharkhunters.  HISTORICAL NOTE - Erich Topp has been a Member of Sharkhunters since 1985, sank the first American ship, the old four-stack destroyer USS REUBEN JAMES, in error more than a month before the US was in WW II...officially.  He was the third most successful submarine Skipper of any navy in World War II, was decorated with the Knights Cross with Oak Leaf and Crossed Swords Topp was one of only five U-Bootfahrer to receive this high honor, and is the only one living today.  He was one of only 28 U-Boat Skippers to be awarded the U-Bootkriegsabzeichen im Gold mit Brillianten (the U-Boat Combat Badge in gold with diamonds).

  T-SHIRTS from Sharkhunters are white, 50/50 and are pre-shrunk.  Take a look - order which ones you like and tell us which other images you want us to produce.  Click on the conning tower emblem of Schepke's U-100 to see all the options.  

Check back day to day as many more categories are being added.