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SHARKHUNTERS International now offers a great incentive to come aboard as a new Member and above the regular benefits of Membership.

Regular benefits include:
*     Receiving the KTB Magazine which has the most accurate and informative data, photos, history and
            information about the U-Boats to be found anywhere.  U-Boat Skippers & vets share their history 
            & memories with our Members in this Magazine - they do NOT help any other organization or website 
            outside of Germany.  For the accurate data scoop without all the errors on other websites, there
            simply is no other place.

*    Join us on our "Patrols in Germany" (and elsewhere) & actually meet the men who waged this war & forged 
           this history!  No other group, organization or website can put you in face-to-face meetings with these 
           honored veterans.

*     Your questions are answered in our KTB Magazine, and you'll learn historical facts found nowhere else 
          because all this comes from the veterans themselves.

Special Reward if you come aboard as a new Member now:

Many historians collect signed photographs of these veterans, and so we will make it simple.  Sign up now and we will give you a hand-signed photo of a veteran - OF YOUR CHOICE.  The names of these wonderful veterans are below.  Just click on the name to see the photos available - you will receive the photo that you selected when you join SHARKHUNTERS These photographs are all HAND-SIGNED by the veteran himself and are worth more than the price of the Membership.  Join today.

Look over the photographs then click below for your Membership form.  Fill it out and send it in via FAX or snail mail.  You'll receive your new Membership packet & your hand-signed photograph right away. SHARKHUNTERS celebrated our 26th Anniversary in February 2009 and has a reputation around the world as the leader in the history of the U-Boat wars, personnel, boats etc.
Others copy, we are the original.

           Come aboard today - you'll be glad you did.

GUARANTEE - If in the first 30 days you decide that SHARKHUNTERS is not for you, simply request a refund and your money will be promptly refunded in full.  In the nearly three decades SHARKHUNTERS has been bringing this honest history to people in 76 countries with more than 7,400 Members, only 9 have requested (and received) a refund.  That says a lot!  Sign up today - we have only 100 hand-signed photos of each veteran on hand.  This is yet another way these wonderful veterans support and recommend SHARKHUNTERS.

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, SHARKHUNTERS International honors major credit cards.  If you wish to charge your order, please feel free to do so.

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Here are the veterans who have each signed 100 photographs.  One will be included with your "Welcome Aboard" packet when you come aboard as a new Member.  Which one?  YOU tell us, and we'll include it in your 'Welcome Aboard' packet.

Click on each name to view the photo.

NOTE - There are descriptive words printed on the photos on our website.  This is done to prevent cyber pirates from stealing these rare photos.  Nothing will be written on your photo except the veterans signature in his own hand.
These wonderful veterans have all voluntarily hand-signed 100 photos of themselves for the express and specific purpose of helping Sharkhunters continue to grow and tell their honest history.

      *  Dr. Wolf Ackerman - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Captain Edward L. Beach - United States Navy  +
      *  Paul Brasack - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Professor Matthias Brünig - Kriegsmarine
      *  Oberst Hermann Buchner - Luftwaffe  +
      *  Brigadier General Robert Cardenas - United States Army Air Corps  +
      *  Captain George Chandler - United States Army Air Corps, P-38 ACE
      *  Captain Al Chester - United States Navy  +
      *  Captain Slade Cutter - United States Navy  +
      *  Gerhard Dietrich - Wehrmacht/Heer  +
      *  Oberleutnant z. S. Günther Drescher - Kriegsmarine  +
          Captain Alfred Eick - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Rear Admiral Eugene Fluckey - United States Navy  +
      *  Sgt. Carl Fromhagen - United States Army Air Corps.  +
      *  Erich Gimpel - Abwehr Agent, German Spy!  +
      *  Commander William Glenn - United States Navy
      *  Lt. Robert Goebel - United States Army Air Corps  +
         Lt. Hap Halloran - United States Army Air Corps
      *  Florence Hansen - Entertained the troops
      *  Colonel Richard Harris - United States Air Force
      *  Karl-Heinz Hartmann - Kriegsmarine
      *  Oberleutnant z.S. Günther Heinrich - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Torpedomechaniker Rudolf Heitzhausen - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Oberleutnant z.S. Hans-Georg Hess - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Oberfunkmeister Wolfgang Hirschfeld - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Funkmaat Georg Högel - Kriegsmarine
      *  Leutnant z.S. Günther Holldorff - Kriegsmarine
      *  Walter Jucker - Swedish Army
      *  Commander William Kiehl - United States Navy
      *  Hauptmann Gerhard Krems - Luftwaffe  +
      *  Werner Krüger - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Kapitänleutnant Georg Lassen - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Robert Maher - United States Navy
      *  Major Lou Mari - United States Army, Green Beret
      *  Oberleutnant Hans-Ferdinand Maßmann - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Captain Alfred McLaren - United States Navy
      *  Korvettenkapitän Jürgen Oesten - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Wayne Pickels - United States Navy
      *  Generalleutnant Günther Rall - Luftwaffe  +
      *  Christian Reauleaux - Kriegsmarine
      *  Kurt Rebs - Kriegsmarine
      *  Heinz Rehse - Kriegsmarine
      *  Oberfunkmaat Gerhard Richter - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Hauptmann Werner Roell - Luftwaffe
      *  Hans Schmidt - Waffen SS (LAH)  +
      *  Kurt Schönthier - Kriegsmarine
      *  Oberleutnant Kurt Schulze - Luftwaffe  +
      *  WASP F. G. Shutsy-Reynolds - WASP/USAAF
      *  Walter Tegtmeier - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Fregettenkapitän Gerhard Thäter - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Flotillen Admiral Rolf Thomsen - Kriegsmarnie  +
      *  Josef Tilley - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Col. Ray Toliver - USAF  +
      *  Konter Admiral Erich Topp - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Lou Vanderstreet - United States Navy
      *  James Verdolini - United States Navy
      *  James Vizigian - United States Navy  +
      *  Willibald Völsing - Kriegsmarine, aboard TIRPITZ
      *  Josef Wieser - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Rudolf Wieser - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Kapitänleutnant Helmut Witte - Kriegsmarine  +
      *  Hans Wohlbier - Luftwaffe  +
      *  Baron Georg von Zirk - Luftwaffe  +

The + behind the name indicates that the veteran has received his "Final Orders" and is on "Eternal Patrol".

Any questions - call us at 1-352-637-2917

SOME OF THESE PHOTOS MAY BE PURCHASED!  Check on the photo you want and the purchase price is there.

Remember, only 100 have been signed by each veteran and they have done this to help Sharkhunters continue to grow and tell their honest history.

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