Jürgen Oesten commissioned his first boat, U-61, a month before World War II began.  His first two missions were mine-laying missions, but his mines claimed some ships.  In all, he sank nineteen ships totaling some 88,970 gross tons.  He commanded U-61, U-106 and U-861 then was Flotillenchef (Flotilla Commander) of the 9th U-Bootflottille and was also in charge of planning the intercepts of the Murmansk Convoys.

His last boat, the Type IX-D2 boat U-861, was given over to the Allies at the end of the war and was taken out to be scuttled in extremely deep water during Operation 'DEADLIGHT' but the tow parted, and U-861 had to be sunk by the towing about 100 feet of water, where she was found by divers around 1999.


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