"Yesterday's Enemies are
     Today's Friends"

This is the motto originally given to Sharkhunters by both Hans-Georg HESS, Skipper of U-995 and by Reinhard HARDEGEN, Skipper of U-123.....and that is the title of this new print.

Below is a representation of this beautiful b&w print, the original done by Don Wise, which portrays a German Type VII-C U-Boat and an American Fleet Type submarine.  Each print is Hand-Signed by three well known German Skippers and three well known American Skippers.  All are highly decorated.

German Skippers                           American Skippers
         Konter Admiral Erich Topp                Rear Admiral Eugene Fluckey
      Skipper of U-57, U-552 and U-2513                       Skipper of USS BARB
     Knights Cross with Oak Leaf and Swords                     Medal of Honor
         Third most successful submarine                                Four Navy Crosses
            of any navy in World War II                      The Most Highly Decorated American
                                                                                   Submariner EVER in History

Flotillen Admiral Rolf Thomsen                  Captain Slade Cutter
             Skipper of U-1202                                     Skipper of USS SEAHORSE
      Knights Cross with Oak Leaf                        Four Navy Crosses
Admiral Thomsen, now on 'Eternal Patrol',              Cutter kicked the winning field goal
   has never signed anything before,                       for the Naval Academy to beat the
      so this is a very rare print.                                highly favored West Point Cadets

Oberleutnant Hans-Georg Hess                 Captain Edward L. Beach
               Skipper of U-995                                         Skipper of USS PIPER
                 Knights Cross                                     Navy Cross
At barely 21 years of age, Hess                       Author of many outstanding books,
       was the Youngest Combat                                    the most famous of all was
      Commander of ANY navy in                                    "Run Silent, Run Deep!"
      WW II; possibly of all time.

Only 1,000 prints of these prints have been made and each print is hand-signed by these 6 well-known veterans of World War II.
                           All six of these fine men, Sharkhunters Members all, have departed on their "Eternal Patrol".

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              Members Price $140
                                                      (plus $20 shipping in the USA; $30 outside the USA)


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