The Official Publication of the History of the U-Bootwaffe!

SHARKHUNTERS information is honest submarine history with major emphasis on German U-Boats and no propaganda. Our monthly KTB Magazine is named after the log book carried by each U-Boat during WW II, the Kriegs Tage Buch, and is kept as a reference in many archives. The history of at least one U-Boat is in each issue of the KTB, with the date that the U-Boat was launched, what type she was, her Skipper’s patrol areas, victims – and final fate of each U-Boat with latitude and longitude position.

Who are Sharkhunter Members?

A multitude of U-Boat Skipper’s, officers and crew are in the Membership of SHARKHUNTERS and contribute to the KTB with their personal memories of the Kriegsmarine and service in the U-Boats during WWII. First person accounts by the men who actually waged the U-Boat War from both sides of the periscope…men whose names are etched in submarine history. During our Annual Conventions and Tours … YOU can meet these veterans face to face!

President RONALD REAGAN (1858-1991) was a Sharkhunters Member from 1991 until his death in 2004. “Regards and admiration to organizations like SHARKHUNTERS who preserve American history.” -Ronald Reagan

– SHARKHUNTERS is the world’s only organization that:

– Publishes a historically accurate magazine on this history

– Is approved by the U-Boat Veterans

– Is supported by the U-Boat Veterans

– Is assisted in history by the U-Boat Veterans

– And the ONLY one!

– SHARKHUNTERS is the most complete and comprehensive source for history of the submarine in general and the German U-Boat in specific.

In addition to U-Boats, the KTB Magazine profiles submarines and WWII veterans of the US Navy, USSR, Royal Navy, IJN, and other military services of nations that used the submarine as a major part of their naval fleets.


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Testimonials from Veterans & Members

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