U-Boat! (Volume I)


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by Harry Cooper

PLEASE NOTE – This 2nd Edition now contains many more photos.

This book is unlike any other about the history of the U-Bootwaffe because each chapter was written by a veteran of the War at Sea.  These are their memories; these are their words.  No researcher could write anything even close to “U-BOAT! (Volume I).  This is from the men who were there.  There is a stirring Introduction by famous author Captain EDWARD L. BEACH (1163-1989) USN (Retired) with words of praise for the abilities and honor of these men.  Beach has published many books, including the famous ‘RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP!’  Another by RICHARD HENRICK (2568-1992), who wrote many submarine books including ‘CRIMSON TIDE’, about the merits of this book.

Chapter 1: ‘The First Boat’ – GEORGE HÖGEL (240-1987), radioman on U-30 and then U-110, remembers sinking the first boat of W War II which was the passenger liner ATHENIA.  He also remembers the loss of U-110, the death of his Skipper Fritz Julius Lemp, and the ultimate capture of the Enigma Machine & all the codes.

Chapter 2: ‘The Top Skipper’ – Flotillenadmiral OTTO KRETSCHMER (122-1985) talks about various actions aboard U-23 and U-99.  He was known as ‘Silent Otto’ because he would not make propaganda broadcasts.  He earned the Knights Cross with Oak Leaf and Crossed Swords.  Only 5 men of the U-Bootwaffe earned this high award.

Chapter 3: ‘From Sailing Ships to U-Boats in Paradise’ – Oberleutnant OTTO GIESE (45-1984) takes us on a thorough history of his time in the merchant marine, to a cadet in the U-Bootwaffe, then to the heavy battle actions in the Arctic Sea.

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