U-Boat! (Volume 2)


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by Harry Cooper

PLEASE NOTE – This is an entirely new book with many new stories and photos; many never before seen.

Like its predecessor, this book is unlike any other about the history of the U-Bootwaffe because each chapter was written by a veteran of the War at Sea.  These are their memories; these are their words.  No researcher could write anything even close to “U-BOAT! (Volume II).  This is from the men who were there.  There is a stirring Introduction by famous author Captain EDWARD L. BEACH (1163-1989) USN (Retired) with words of praise for the abilities and honor of these men.  Beach has published many books, including the famous ‘RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP!’  Another by RICHARD HENRICK (2568-1992), who wrote many submarine books including ‘CRIMSON TIDE’, about the merits of this book.

Chapter 1 : ‘Submarine Technology’ – ERICH TOPP (118-1985), third most successful submarine Skipper of World War II, tells how technology has changed from his Type VII-C to the more modern submarines of today.

Chapter 2 : ‘The Last Boat through Gibraltar’ – Oberleutnant zur See GÜNTHER HEINRICH (1945-1991) was commander of U-960 and he tells of his experiences in combat then tells how he managed to penetrate the Straits of Gibraltar on the surface without any interference from the Royal Navy…….and only one meter of water beneath the keel!

Chapter 3 : ‘500 Pesos for a White Man’s Head’ – GEORGE ROCEK (828-1992) rode USS ANGLER and he tells of the rescue of many from the Philippines immediately after that island nation fell to the Japanese – and why it was so critical to get these people safely away.

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