U-Boat! (Volume 3)


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by Harry Cooper

“U-BOAT!” (Volume III) continues the fascinating saga of the German U-Bootfahrer in World War Two plus some stories from the American side.

These stories come directly from the memories and video interviews with great Skippers like ERICH TOPP (118-1985) and the top Skipper, “Silent Otto” KRETSCHMER.  You’ll also read about the U-Boat activities in the American back yard; the first cargo submarine; propaganda broadcasts; the “tethered goats” – there is even information about the secret mission of U-977………..and a bit about Antarctica!

This book is an extension of “U-BOAT!” (Volumes I and II)

Chapter 1 : ‘Submarine Lifestyle’ – ERICH TOPP (118-1985), third most successful submarine Skipper of WW II, tells what living aboard a combat submarine was like.

Chapter 2 : ‘U-Boats in our Backyard’ – HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983), one of the top 5 U-Boats historians in the world, tells about the first boats into American waters.

Chapter 3 : ‘Interview with Erich Topp’ –  ERICH TOPP (118-1985) tells about his time in the Kriegsmarine and his patrols.

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