U-Boat! (Volume V)


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by Harry Cooper

“U-BOAT!” (Volume V) continues the fascinating saga of the German U-Bootfahrer in World War Two plus some stories from the American side.

These stories come directly from the memories and video interviews with the men who were there and there is no substitute for first-person memories……and this book has plenty of those.

This book is an extension of “U-BOAT!” (Volumes I, II, III and IV)

Chapter 1 : ‘USS BLOCK ISLAND and her Prisoners from U-66′ – A US Navy report from Commander Task Group 21.11 on how the Task Group found and sank U-66, then how the survivors were picked up.  The action between U-66 and USS BUCKLEY was the basis for the movie ‘The Enemy Below’.  This chapter goes into the questioning of the prisoners and lightly on what was learned from them.

Chapter 2 : ‘The Diary of U-764; Fact or Fiction?’ – This chapter is sub-titled “The Story of a Coward and a Traitor”.  A book of this title was released perhaps twenty years ago and it caused a great deal of controversy because the author, a crewman of U-764, accused the Skipper and other officers of serious crimes.  As it turned out from interviews with the Skipper and many of the crew, it was determined that the book was, in the words of the crew, the ‘late revenge of a man who did not fit in with the crew’.  He was roundly denounced by his shipmates and this chapter going into detail about the man and his accusations.

Chapter 3 : ‘The Death of U-654′ – From the memories of the 40th Bomb Group Association we read of the attack by a B-18 bomber on U-654 and the chapter goes into the maneuvers of finding and attacking the boat; and the ultimate result that the boat with the loss of all hands.

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