1929 Party Rally Nürnberg (DVD-159)


(DVD-159)  This is a Leni Riefenstahl (3157-1993) presentation

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This is the movie record of the 1929 Party Rally in Nürnberg and while it is not the type of massive gala videos we have seen from the works of
Sharkhunters Member Leni Riefenstahl (3157-1993) , it is truly a historic record on film.  In this film, you will see:

  • Baldur von Schirach
  • Adolf Hitler
  • von Pfeffer
  • Bouhler
  • Alfred Rosenberg
  • Julius Streicher
  • Hermann Göring……..

and many, many more of the founders of the movement.

This DVD does not have the speeches we normally see in these Party rally films but rather this appears to have been a silent film with a dubbed in music track.  There are parades, torchlight parades, fireworks, the Blood Flag Ceremony, music by the SA Band, more parades and ceremonies – and all with powerful, stirring music.


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