92nd Bomb Group – 1 (DVD-172)


(DVD-172)  This presentation is in color and spoken in English

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Who hasn’t seen the footage of the 8th Air Force bombing over Europe?  But you have not seen these films; that’s for sure.  On this DVD you will naturally be along aboard a B-17 during a bombing raid – you’ll see the other bombers in your ‘combat box’, you’ll see the fighters boring in and the Flak taking its toll on your buddies.

You will also live the life of the bomber crew back at base in England – in the mess hall, playing baseball and doing all the things that helped the men relax during an uncertain life.  You will also see the armorers belting the ammunition for the .50 caliber guns that bristled all over the ‘Forts’ and watch as another belly full of bombs is loaded.

The files for this DVD were shot by one of the aircrew who was stationed in England and who flew these missions.  What you see in this DVD is what he lived!  Most of the footage on this DVD is in FULL COLOR.

Get into your flight suit, strap on your parachute and climb aboard for a ride into history with the 92nd Bomb Group.


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