Adolf Hitler Dead or Alive (DVD-158)


(DVD-158)  This presentation is spoken in English

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This is a 1943 propaganda film in which an American millionaire offers a reward of one million dollars to anyone who can either capture or kill Hitler.

Three gangsters, fresh out of Alcatraz penitentiary, take the job.  In order to get into Germany, they enlist with the Canadian Army paratroops and during a jump over France, they hijack the transport plane and fly over Germany, where they bail out, forcing the pilot to jump with them.

Once on the ground, they hijack a beer truck but are captured by the Gestapo and taken to a POW camp where they are interrogated.  They do not tell the real reason they are in Germany – only that they must see Hitler.  Their cell is bugged with a hidden microphone but a beautiful countess helps them escape.

They take German uniforms from the guards and make a break out of the camp, but one of the three is killed in the gun battle.  His friends have great praise for the man who would give up his life for his friends.  They escape into the countryside, but the countess finds them and hides the two remaining gangsters and the Canadian pilot in her basement.  They learn that Hitler will be in town that evening and the countess, an outstanding singer, must perform for him.  She has no choice but to agree, but she demands her normal string quartet to be her accompaniment.

The quartet arrive at her home but while she is in her room getting dressed the two gangsters, the pilot and the butler overpower the four musicians, dress in their tuxedoes, and go with the countess to the reception.  There is another gun battle, a second gangster is killed but they kidnap Hitler and escape with the SS and the Gestapo in hot pursuit.

Do they escape?  Do they collect the $1,000,000 reward?  What happens to Hitler?  To the countess – and to the one remaining gangster and the Canadian pilot?  What would you think would happen to these people in a 1943 propaganda melodrama?  This DVD tells is all and is an interesting look into the wartime propaganda films of the war years.


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