Advances in Russia – part 1 (DVD-141)


(DVD-141) English subtitles

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We see relentless advances by the Wehrmacht in many areas of the Soviet Union.  At this time in World War II, they were unstoppable.

The “Star of Afrika“, fighter pilot Marseilles, is seen receiving the Crossed Swords to his Knights Cross with Oak Leaf directly from Hitler.  Then Hitler meets with many dignitaries including Himmler, Raeder, Jodl, Mannerheim and Göring.

Foot soldiers slog on through knee-deep mud, rest a while then they attack Soviet troops.  There are Flemish, Dutch and Norwegian troops of the Wehrmacht in German Wehrmacht uniforms, fighting at the front alongside German soldiers.

HE 111 bombers pound the Soviet positions from altitude, then the STUKA dive bombers dive on the Soviet infantry – and German panzers move against the Soviet lines.

The STUKA dive bombers and ME 109 escorts go after Sevastopol.  German and Romanian infantry advance relentlessly.  We see von Mannstein and his staff as they survey their victory.  In the harbor at Sevastopol, there are half-sunken Soviet ships littering the harbor.

Rommel and his staff inspect the harbor facilities as his soldiers frolic in the ocean.  Captured British generals are interrogated as Kesselring visits.  The battle begins; German tanks move forward.


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