Advances in Russia – part 2

Advances in Russia – part 2 (DVD-142)


(DVD-142) English subtitles

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We see relentless advances by the Wehrmacht in many areas of the Soviet Union.  At this time in World War II, they were unstoppable.

The “Star of Afrika“, fighter pilot Marseilles, is seen receiving the Crossed Swords to his Knights Cross with Oak Leaf directly from Hitler.  Then Hitler meets with many dignitaries including Himmler, Raeder, Jodl, Mannerheim and Göring.

There is a birthday celebration in Prague for the President of Czechoslovakia and many Party leaders are there.  We see the Great German Art Exposition in München with hundreds upon hundreds pieces of fine art on display.  Many of these beautiful pieces of art are now lost forever.

At the Führer HQ, Hitler, Jodl and Keitel greet von Mannstein.

U-Boats return to a hero’s welcome – Jochen Mohr and his crew of U-124 are especially honored.  We see Member JÜRGEN WATTENBERG, Skipper of U-162, present the pig named Douglas, to his Flotillen Chef.  Admiral Dönitz is on hand to present medals.

We have a rare view of a BV-138 diesel powered flying boat on recon patrol over the Arctic Sea. They spot a huge convoy bound for Murmansk, and the attack forces are sent out to destroy it.  JU 88 bombers overhead and U-Boats beneath the waves; the convoy is decimated.  The aircrews celebrate back at their base as medals are awarded.  Generaloberst Dietl is on hand to review the troops.

Kriegsmarine minesweepers come under attack by Soviet aircraft as the sweep mines from waters off Finland.  The planes are driven off but soon Soviet torpedo boats attack the minesweepers.  They too are driven off.  The mine sweepers continue their work.

Land forces advance relentlessly toward the Don River Valley.  The Arbeitsdienst is there in force to build the roads as needed.  The mechanized troops and the Luftwaffe pound the enemy.

There is a lot of historical combat shown in this DVD.



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