Barbarossa! (DVD-104)


(DVD-104)  This presentation is spoken in German

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The master of this DVD also comes to us directly from a veteran who fought in these campaigns.  He tells us that they have never been seen before.  His comments:
     Dedicated to the German soldiers who, with incomparable heroism,
    repelled the attack of Bolschewism and saved Europe from the greatest
    threat ever from the East.”

This DVD covers this historic military operation and you will see in excellent detail:
Liberation of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia from the Soviets;
the Soviet opposition stiffens;
you’ll watch battle scenes through tank optics;
the Soviets mobilize in Leningrad;
the famed Blue Division from Spain, in combat action;
the Generals are called to Hitler’s field headquarters;
Soviets mobilize everything including women, children, cavalry and motorized sleds;
the capture and interrogation of Field Marschall von Paulus;
convoys from America are attacked by U-Boats;pictures from BdU (U-Boat HQ) with Karl Dönitz;
depth charges come down on the U-Boats;
the Luftwaffe flies out of Norway to attack convoys.

This DVD is almost all non-stop combat action.


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