BARB’s Last Patrols (DVD-169)


(DVD-169)  This presentation is spoken in English

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This DVD contains rare and never before seen films of the last 3 war patrols of USS BARB, the American submarine that sank the most Japanese tonnage in World War II.  She was commanded by Commander (later Rear Admiral) EUGENE FLUCKEY (2169-1992).  He was a Sharkhunters Member until he died and he served ten years on our Board of Advisors.

Mild-mannered Gene Fluckey was afraid of nothing in battle and he was decorated with the Medal of Honor for taking BARB up a river in China to sink many ships then escaping surfaced, at flank speed, in the blackness of night, down a river for which he had no charts of the shoals or mines.

One of his four Navy Cross decorations came when he put 8 men ashore on one of the Japanese home islands to blow up a train that carried more troops to debarkation points.  It was the only time that American military men set foot on the Japanese home islands during World War II.

This DVD is from the home movies made on the final three war patrols by the XO on the BARB, Sharkhunters Member, Captain MAX DUNCAN (3857-1994).  You have NEVER seen any of this footage before, and it’s all in color.


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