Birth of a Nation (DVD-136)


(DVD-136)     This presentation is 3 hours; silent film

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This classic film was made in 1915 and starred silent screen beauty Lillian Gish.  You must know this movie, but here is a short description anyway.  This is American history including:
Plantation life in the middle 1800’s
Freeing of the slaves
American Civil War

Young men on both sides marched off to war in high spirits until the South lay prostrate and helpless with the Confederate defeat.  There is wholesale murder and rape of a defenseless people as in wars for countless centuries.  Plunder, pillage and destruction are the order of the day in the defeated South.

We see a reenactment of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater, then ‘Reconstruction’ and the coming of the ‘Carpetbaggers’ to further depress the South while lining their own pockets.  Then there is the birth of the Klan.

This is an extremely interesting film, and the quotes from various American Presidents will open your eyes.


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