Blitzkrieg in France

Blitzkrieg in France (DVD-135)


(DVD-135)  This presentation is one hour spoken in German

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Much of this DVD comes from the Deutsche Wochenschau, from the German newsreels that played in theaters across Germany during WW II.

On foot, on horseback, on bicycles and mechanized – the Wehrmacht moves steadily into France.  Cannons thunder and the invasion begins.  You’ll see armor, artillery and infantry in action – and French troops surrendering by the hundreds.

The Maginou Line is breached and we see the overgrown trenches of World War I.  Hundreds of French fighter planes are captured, still under construction in the factory.  During a lull in the fighting, infantrymen share food, cigarettes and schnapps with German tank crews.

We see Adolf Hitler with Generals Jodl and Keitel, Hermann Göring and Erich Raeder in a planning session around massive maps.  Soon, the German Flag is raised over Paris atop of the Eiffel Tower!  There is a massive victory parade of the German troops along the Champs Elyssee.

We’ll see memorial and medal awarding ceremonies at the Arc d’Triumph then the entire French surrender ceremony is on the tape – in the same train car where Germany signed the infamous Treaty of Versailles in 1918.

Hitler and his staff arrive in München by train to greet Il Duce and soon they are in the black staff car in the motorcade through the city.

There is a lot of awe-inspiring actual combat here, and the DVD ends with a stirring rendition of the German National Anthem.

The veteran who sent the master of this film to us said, “This is a great video with stirring music.”  He somewhat understated this DVD – it is outstanding, and stirring music with stay in your mind for hours.


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