The Sunburst



(DVD-11) This presentation is 1 hour 2 minutes and spoken in English

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Mystical HQ of Heinrich Himmler, where he planned rituals of his Knights of the Teutonic Order; the circular room with the twelve legged Swastika (the Sunburst where the great round table stood; ceremonial chamber where the bodies of the fallen heroes would be cremated; the twelve pedestals along the walls of the circular pit where these ashes would remain in state for eternity.

Huge swastika in ceiling; inlaid marble tile floor with different symbols; building with the emblems of each SS Regiment still in the wooden trim; mysterious Fischhorn Castle where truck caravans brought tons of – nobody knows.  It is here that Reischmarschall Göring sat with US Army General Stack at the end of the War, negotiating his surrender – where US Army intelligence officers located Frau Göring some months after the War, with some three dozen valuable art works.  This castle was said to have been an SS horse farm.


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