(DVD-49)  This presentation is 2 hours and the languages of the various countries are spoken

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This is a laugh riot from beginning to end.  Two German soldiers are in bed with their French girlfriends when an American patrol shows up and catches them – stark naked.  Since they are not wearing their uniforms (or anything else) the Americans think the guys are the French boyfriends and chase them out of the room.  The Americans then take off their clothes for what they think will be their time with the girls, but the girls dash off with their uniforms and give them to their German boyfriends.  The two Germans not only put on the American uniforms, they steal the American tank that was left outside.

Imagine how upset the Americans were when they discovered that the girls were gone, their uniforms AND their tank were also gone, and one of their guys somehow had a big Balkon Cross painted on his chest!  Imagine how difficult it was when the two Germans, wearing American uniforms and driving an American tank, tried to explain to the old German soldier in charge of supplies, that they were really with the Wehrmacht and not American saboteurs.  Imagine how UNIMPRESSED the Waffen SS sergeant was with their story, but the laughs never stop and the guys continue to escape one unlikely situation after another.

The French all speak French in this film, the Germans all speak German and the Americans all speak English.  You will laugh with this film from beginning to the end, and without letup.


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