Corregidor Sokogeki

Corregidor Sokogeki (DVD-87)


(DVD-87)  This presentation is spoken in Japanese

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This is Japanese and it means ‘All out Attack on Corregidor’, spring of 1942.  This is obviously a propaganda film, as we first see happy Filipinos under Japanese occupation.  A soldier distributes candy to children.  Then we watch the intense Japanese preparations for their attack against Corregidor.  Every branch of the Japanese Army, such as artillery, tanks, communications, logistics etc. is there.

May 3rd the officers get together and make plans.  American artillery on Corregidor hits back against Japanese on Bataan.

May 5th, Japanese man their barges after dark and the barges are launched at 2300 hours.  This DVD gives a really clear picture as they evidentially used infra-red film.

Then we see the ruins of American defenses all over the island.  There are prisoners by the hundreds on this film.  The life in the tunnels is extremely interesting!  Many American nurses are seen in the film.

We see graceful SALLY twin-engine bombers and in one extraordinary shot, we see the bombers decelerating with their landing gear down before releasing their bombs.  Many single-engine ANN light bombers, with fixed landing gear, are seen in this film as are other Japanese aircraft.  Japanese Air Force is seen in action in this film, never before seen.

These are actual Japanese combat films!

This DVD has never before been seen, as the master film was hidden for decades in the vault of a Japanese film producer until he sent it to SHARKHUNTERS.


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