das Letzte U-Boot (the last U-Boat) (DVD-39)



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This is the story of U-234, a big Type X-B mine laying submarine converted into a cargo sub, and it was the last boat to depart Germany as the Reich crumbled.  The boat had a cargo of 560 kilos of uranium oxide for the Japanese Army to build their atomic bomb to use against the American Fleet; it had two Me 262 jet fighters aboard in crates plus the technological data for the Japanese to begin building these planes in quantity; there were two Japanese officers and various ‘special’ German officers and scientists aboard.  The end of the war caught them in the middle of the Atlantic, so they surrendered in the USA.  The Japanese officers committed suicide rather than face disgrace by surrendering to the enemy and they were buried at sea.

This is a well done videotape and it is very realistic – the rail cars, the automobiles, the uniforms except the U-boat looks a lot like a modern 206 Class than a Type X-B.  The Germans all speak German; the Japanese speak Japanese; the Americans and Brits all speak English.  It gives the movie a very real flavor.

The actual Skipper of U-234 was a Member of Sharkhunters as was the I.W.O., the Cargo Officer and the Oberfunkmeister (Chief Radioman).  They were Kapitänleutnant JOHANN-HEINRICH FEHLER (32-1984) , GÜNTER PAGENSTECHER (33-1984) , KARL-ERNST PFAFF (157-1985) and WOLFGANG HIRSCHFELD (34-1984).


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