DESPAIR!!! (DVD-144)


(DVD-144) this presentation is 45 minutes spoken in German

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What happened to the people of Germany after the surrender was horrible – especially in the regions that were taken over by the Soviets.

This film depicts the helplessness of the people – the forced labor, the dangerous job of clearing mine fields and the harsh winter conditions in the camps.

All too often the “establishment media” shows the same tired old scenes in the camps during the war, but here is a look at what the victorious Allies did to the defeated Germans for years after the war.  It is truthful and accurate, but not pretty.

This DVD shows, in stark realism, how the victorious Allies treated the defenseless German people after May of 1945 – the same as conquerors usually treat the defeated.

This is not a photo of any camps – these are some of the Germans who were massacred by the thousands!



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