die Blaue Licht

‘die Blaue Licht’ (DVD-110)


Featuring Sharkhunters Member LENI RIEFENSTAHL as Junta.

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During the full moon, a mystical blue light emanating from a grotto high in the Alps, draws men to climb after the source only to fall to their deaths.  What causes this beautiful blue light that makes men face certain death for its riches?  Only Junta, the beautiful gypsy girl, can climb to this strange grotto in safety.

A handsome stranger comes to the little village of Santa Maria in the high Alps, and is smitten by the sultry Junta.  A young man of the village just fell to his death trying to reach the Blue Light.  The angry townspeople attempt to stone her and chase her from their village.  The stranger follows Junta to her little cabin in the high Alps, which she shares with her little brother.

Junta and the handsome stranger fall in love and he moves in to her little cottage – and then comes the next full moon.  Junta begins her dangerous climb and he secretly follows, and learns her secret way up the mountain into the mysterious grotto that produces the blue light.  He finds thousands of precious gems, and he tells her that he will turn this into a fortune for them and they will be rich.

He returns to the village of Santa Maria and tells everyone of the secret path.  The men all hurry up the mountain, not to help but to loot in an orgy of plunder.  On their return, they are all dressed in fine clothes, bought with the proceeds of their plunder, and they celebrate wildly in the local tavern.

When Junta returns to the grotto and sees the plunder and devastation, no gems remaining, she is consumed by despair.  Her hands slip on the mountain, and she plummets to her death in the valley far below.  Her body is discovered by her broken hearted lover – the blue light is extinguished.

This surreal film highlights the athletic beauty of Leni Riefenstahl (3157-1993) as she climbs the steep mountains in a flimsy dress.  The film also shows the majestic beauty of the Alps, and of the life lived by the people of the area almost 100 years ago.  It is a great look back into history.

This is a Leni Riefenstahl (3157-1993) film.


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