Die Goldene Stadt

Die Goldene Stadt (DVD-126)


(DVD-126)  This presentation is spoken in German

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‘die Goldene Stadt’ means ‘the Golden City’

We see beautiful country scenes in Germany, and beautiful blue eyed, blonde Anna is picking flowers.  She goes for a buggy ride with a man in his early thirties and it is obvious that she has eyes for him.  Later, they walk through the meadows and make eyes at each other.  She falls for this smooth talking man from the city and leaves her family to move to “die Goldene Stadt” (the Golden City) to be near him.  Anna experiences the big city life of fine dining, theater, carriage rides and more. Her friends all smoke and drink a bit too much.

Anna sees a wedding ring on his finger.  She is shattered, and soon takes up with an unemployed waiter named Tony.  They end up in bed, and soon Tony moves into her tiny apartment over the shop where she works.

Anna’s father and the young farmhand who secretly loved her come for a surprise visit to the city.  They see that she is living with Tony, they see how she has changed, and they are terribly saddened.  They go home in deep despair.

Soon Anna learns that Tony is not only wasting his time playing cards, smoking and drinking with his buddies rather than looking for work, but he is also cheating on her with a former girlfriend.  She leaves the big city in bitter disappointment and returns to the country.

This DVD gives a great look at traditional German life in simpler times: beautiful scenery in a beautiful country.


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