die Grauen Wölfe

die Grauen Wölfe (DVD-89)


(DVD-89)  This presentation is 55 minutes and spoken in German

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COMBAT FOOTAGE of the great ACES including KRETSCHMER, TOPP, Lüth, Gysae, Prien and so many more. There are also scenes of the homecoming of the U-boats with their tonnage pennants fluttering, the bearded crewmen, the bands and the girls with flowers.  This was made in the early days of the Battle of the Atlantic where the U-boats were all powerful……..before their fortunes changed in ‘Black May’ of 1943.

You’ll see building and launching U-boats as well as loading them out for combat patrols – food, vegetables by the crate, shells for the deck guns and of course, the torpedo loading.  You’ll see Großadmiral Karl Dönitz with many of the Skippers including OTTO KRETSCHMER (122-1985) , Prien, Schepke, Brandi, Gysae and more.

You’ll see ERICH TOPP (118-1985) receiving his Oak Leaf to his Knights Cross from Hitler along with Lüth receiving his Diamonds in the same ceremony. You’ll see the rescue of the crew of the two raider ships from the South Atlantic by several U-boats headed by KARL-FRIEDERICH MERTEN (23-1984) in command of U-68. They towed a string of lifeboats all the way back to their French base!  It’s all here on the DVD.

ITALIAN BOATS – There are Italian submarines in combat as well on this tape.  It is near Christmas time, so the crew of one U-boat is bringing their Christmas tree and many gifts aboard, as well as guitars and other musical instruments to bring a little bit of home with them on patrol.

There is plenty of combat action on this DVD, and there is a chart showing the best way for U-boats to attack convoys.  It shows where the tankers would be, where the escorts would patrol, and it shows how to penetrate and attack the fattest ships.  It’s all on this DVD.

The DVD closes with scenes of the German U-boat Memorial, where SHARKHUNTERS has sent about $7,000 so far – a sad but beautiful place.

This DVD had not been seen before it was offered by SHARKHUNTERS.


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