(DVD-17)  This presentation is 30 minutes and spoken in English

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This unique DVD begins with John Ryan’s team in the swamps of northern Florida, as they pursue reports of two P-40 WARHAWK fighter plane crash sites.  They find them both – and the remains of the pilots are still in the planes.  There is a memorial service, and the remains are taken to the nearest US Army facility.  By some of the evidence found in one aircraft, the instructor pilot may have been formerly with the Flying Tigers.

The rest of this very special and rare DVD was shot underwater by Sharkhunters Member JOHN CHATTERTON when his dive group located the previously undiscovered wreck of a U-boat off Point Pleasant, NJ.  This wreck was found on 2 September 1991.  By all records and accounts, no U-boat was supposed to be there, but it was indeed there.  Through SHARKHUNTERS we learned that this boat, which was first known as “U-WHO” was actually U-869.  This DVD will take you all around this deep wreck that has already claimed the lives of the entire German crew – and three sport divers.


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