Only the Elders

Only the Elders (DVD-106)


(DVD-106)  This presentation is 1 hour 30 minutes spoken in Russian

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This Soviet fighter squadron is known as the ‘Singing Squadron’ because the commander, Captain Titarenko understood the importance of songs and jokes in the everyday stress of military operations.  His pilots considered themselves as the ‘Elders’ even though the oldest was just barely twenty years of age.  The young ‘green’ newcomers arriving at the front after rudimentary training at the Air Force Academies were not allowed into combat.  They still had to experience the tough realities of battle – the happiness of the first victory, the grandeur of brotherhood sealed in blood as well as the first innocent love and the bitter loss of friends.  All too soon the command of ‘Only the Elders” enter the battle – and they are the ones rushing to their fighter planes.

There is some combat action showing Russian YAK fighters.  The hero is in the air a short time, then crashes nicely on an airfield in the forest.  The Ops Office is in a rude bunker where snow creeps through cracks in the board walls.

Two pretty young women fighter pilots land in their biplane and are immediately welcomed by the squadron.  Love blooms for these two women with a couple of the male pilots, but then duty calls – and they are off to bomb German targets.  They do not return – hearts are broken, resolve to fight the Germans is toughened, and a memorial is made to the two women pilots.

This film came to us from our friends in the former USSR.

It has never been seen before.


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