Firebombing of Dresden!

Firebombing of Dresden! (DVD-129)


(DVD-129)  This presentation is 1 hour 20 minute spoken in English

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For thirty minutes, there is an excellent tour of Dresden prior to World War Two – sculpture, priceless works of art by the great masters, buildings, churches, museums etc.  There are scenes of Dresden in the winter with choirs singing Christmas carols; shops filled with toys, gingerbread houses and happy children waiting for the visit from Father Christmas.

Then, on 9 February 1945, they met “Bomber” Harris!  Waves of LANCASTER bombers poured incendiary and cluster bombs on this helpless city and four hours later, as the city was filled with first aid workers, fire fighters, relief people of all kinds – the second wave, twice as many bombers ravaged the city again.  According to information in this DVD, it was the first time ever in history that a firestorm was deliberately planned.

There are interviews with survivors and scathing commentary by David Irving, who claimed that the entire disaster was deliberately planned by Winston Churchill!  Irving claims that this was act of deliberate murder of German civilians by Churchill and Harris, and he calls them “war criminals”.  Irving quotes the various acts he accused Churchill and Harris, right from the Geneva Convention itself.  But, as he points out, the winners of a war could do nothing wrong while the losers had no rights remaining.

The DVD shows refugees fleeing through the snow on St. Valentine’s Day 1945 when B-17 bombers came over then fighters came to machine gun anything that moved, which included refugees along the roadside.  According to Irving’s research, the American pilots were told there were munitions and weapons factories, training facilities for the U-Bootwaffe and even a new HQ for Hitler and his staff.  There were none.  Dresden was filled with refugees, sick and wounded in makeshift hospitals – defenseless.

NOTE – This DVD does not portray the Allies, especially Winston Churchill, in a very nice light.  If you are faint of heart; if you would rather believe the stories you were given in history classes than the hard truth, then this DVD is NOT FOR YOU!


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